Redsn0w “Unable to recognize specified IPSW” Error in 0.9.5 with iOS 4

While trying to jailbreak (before unlocking) your iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs on iOS 4.0 using Redsn0w 0.9.5 you may have received an error saying:

Unable to recognize specified IPSW

So how to fix this unable to recognize specified ipsw error in redsn0w while jailbreaking your iPhone?

Well to be honest this is not a technical error with redsn0w unable to recognize specified IPSW (4.0 iOS firmware)while jailbreaking your iPhone. It just takes abit of common sense to avoid and / or fix this error because redsn0w is simply not able to recognize the ipsw file that you specified, means either redsn0w have some problem or the ipsw file that you are using.

If this error that “Unable to recognize specified IPSW” keeps bugging you by popping up whenever you try to select the downloaded iOS 4.0 firmware file by browsing for it in Redsn0w 0.9.5 while trying to Jailbreak (before unlock probably) your Apple iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs, you can fix it simply by making sure of these 2 things:

  1. Make sure that the right version and the latest build of Redsn0w is being used. To jailbreak iOS 4.0 on iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs you need Redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5 build 3 ( download it from here for: Windows | Mac ) Maybe because your redsn0w version is not compatible with the ipsw or iPhone that you are trying to unlock, that’s why it’s giving error that it isn’t able to recognize the specified ipsw file.
  2. Make sure that you are using the right build of iOS 4.0 firmware specific for your Apple iPhone (3G or 3Gs). There may be confusion as  the GoldMaster release and final release use the same build number and file name for both builds is same. But you have to use the official iOS 4.0 for this purpose. You can see the list of the official download link for iOS 4.0 here.
  3. Make sure that the file that you downloaded is having extension .ipsw (and not .zip) if it is .zip, then rename it to .ipsw
  4. Change the folder for your redsn0w and ipsw file. If they are on desktop right now, make a new folder on desktop and move them inside that folder and launch again.
  5. Make sure that iTunes is updated to latest version.

Hopefully this will solve your “Unable to recognize specified IPSW” error in redsn0w 0.9.5 and your jailbreak procedure goes smooth.

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  1. gamma

    I guess posts on this board are not displayed immediately? I posted something around 4:00pm yesterday, and it only appears as though it appeared on the site at 1:35 am

    I only saw it appear once I posted another comment, which is not up yet either.

    Are posts moderated or something? If not, something is awry.

    • Nabeel

      I just found your this comment in spam filter too!

      can you please tell me which browser or operating system are you using so that i can have a look at this?

  2. Frank

    Done. Jailbroken with ultrasn0w 0.9.6b1

    • Nikhil

      Done with RedSnow 0.9.4

  3. Ayushi

    Thankyou so much 4 d article! It really helped! I’m so glad it did,i had this problem since the morning.! o.O

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that it got solved for you!

  4. Dr. Nabeel

    Glad to know that you’re no more getting “unable to recognize specified ipsw” file error John

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