How to Write in Urdu on Facebook Wall

NOTE: We have launched our own project page for writing in urdu (from roman to urdu! the best simple and easiest way). Check it out here: Write in Urdu.

Early in the morning on a Sunday! i was online on facebook and was doing some browsing too, i got a message from one of my college fellow asking: HOW CAN I WRITE IN URDU ON FACBOOK WALL?

UrduEngMixWell, quite innocent question! :) with some pretty simple answers. There are multiple ways of writing in non-english (urdu in this case – Urdu is the National Language of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) language on facebook wall or any other website infact.

So here we go with way to write in any non-english language on any website, but with specific focus on: How to write in Urdu on Facebook Wall.

Write Urdu on Facebook wall by copy/paste text copied from 3rd party source

Well, at first it might sound weird, but yes, there are couple of websites available online which allow you to type in urdu online and then you can easily copy that text written in urdu and paste it on your facebook wall/share place and post it there.

You can use the following sites to type text in urdu online and to write your name in urdu for facebook or other websites (Please add any new/better sources in the comments to improve this list)

Write In Urdu – a project by Nabtron

There are some other options too if you want to explore.

Google Transliteration for roman to urdu – (My favorite, thanks to Ammar!)

You can simply goto the above linked websites, write your sentences in urdu online and then copy the text generated and paste it in the facebook wall/share and post it there! :)

50 Responses to How to Write in Urdu on Facebook Wall

  1. sardar sohaib

    how to write name in urdu

    sardar sohaib bin wasi

    • Nabeel

      I’m not sure if it’s with seen or suwaad, so here you go with both of them:

      سردار شعیب بن وسی

      سردار شعیب بن وصی

  2. Asif

    very help full

  3. yASIR Fareed

    mere pass kuch b work nhi kar raha mere pc me window 7 hy so plz mujhe kuch soluation bataao mujhe b urdu likini hy plz mujhe koi information doooooo

  4. Burhan

    Buri khan plz in urdu

    • Nabeel

      بری خان

  5. burhan

    rui khan in urdu plzzz

    • Nabeel

      روی خان


    Plz write my name’s last part in urdu but with a takhallus sign

    • Nabeel

      you will be charged 250 rs for that


        but why

        • Nabeel

          why? you don’t like paying for service?

  7. nitesh

    i want my name in urdu

    • Dr. Nabeel


  8. adeel muhammad paracha

    I want to convert my name in urdu.

  9. Karachi karachi hai. mastkarachi

    Great site. Lots of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you on your sweat!

    • Nabtron

      thanks for appreciating ! please let me know how can we improve the urdu writing online script

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