iPhone not charging ? – Finally solved

Couple of days ago a strange thing happened to me. My iPhone battery was depleting so i put it on charging and slept. When i woke up i was surprised to see that the iPhone was dead and the screen was blank even though the charger was connected to my macbook usb port properly but the iPhone not charging at all.

Maybe it was the iphone not charging properly due to charger problem or maybe iphone battery issue, or maybe some other issue caused my iPhone to stop charging.  Anyway i tried moving it away and put it on charging with the wall iphone not chargingsocket charger. It showed the battery cell with small red line and a power sign of charging but it remained there for hours and hours and no change in the battery charging status. Now that was creepy! So at first i started looking for various solutions online via Google but was not successful in finding any solution although some people said that some solutions worked for them.

Finally i solved it ! Yay! today! Infact right now my charger is charging up successfully while i am writing this article! On this page i will enlist some of the ways how you can get out of this iphone not charging situation. The way i solved it and the ways that worked for other people too just in case if your problem and cause was different.

If your iPhone is not charging and you want to solve it (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4), follow these troubleshooting steps. Hopefully your problem will be solved (starting from simple non costly steps and so on).

iPhone not charging – How to fix

1. Restart your iPhone

The simplest step and fixes the iphone not charging issue for most of the people.

The steps are:

  • plug in the charger
  • press home and power button for few seconds until it restarts

It might solve the issue in most cases. (didn’t work for me though!)

2. Clean your iphone charging port and retry

If the above step don’t solve your problem of iphone being dead and not charging, now it’s time to try out various ways of charging. But before that clean your charger as:

  • Blow (with air from your mouth) gently the charger wires both end.
  • Blow and clean the iPhone charger socket.
  • Blow the computer / laptop’s usb port
  • Blow clean the wall charger usb slot

Once you have cleaned your iPhone charger and all slot ends do this and check for charging:

  • Connect the iPhone via usb charger wire to your macbook / laptop / usual computer (try both usb ports)
  • If the above don’t work, connect the wall socket charger
  • Try connecting to another computer or laptop via usb port.

Also try turning off the iPhone and then charging (it helps in most cases – provided that the charger is not defected)

3. Cross test iPhone

If none of the above ways work, then finally try using your currrent charger and iPhone charger wire with some other iPhone (any friends iPhone or at the shop) to confirm that the problem is with the charger and not the iPhone.

4. Change / remove sim from your iphone

Try charging after removing the sim card or replacing it with another sim card (of some other network preferably) and see if it solves the issue.

5. Charger and charging wire of iphone

If you can’t get another iPhone to test your charger, then another alternate could be trying a new charger wire before buying a new iPhone battery or an iPhone itself!

This is how it will go:

  • Goto the shop to get a new charger, but before that, ask them to let you try it on your iPhone. You can ask them to let you use any in use charger first to confirm if the problem is with the charger wire and not the iPhone itself or its battery.
  • If you have or can try out, then find a car charger for iPhone 3G/3Gs (also works with 2G). This is the way that i tested and solved my iPhone not charging and only showing the battery cell when connected to charging. I put the the iPhone on charger with the car charger for iPhone and press home + power button which lead to full black screen from the previous battery and power sign. After some 10 minutes i pressed the power button and the Apple logo appeared! voila! :D
  • If you finally find out that the different charger is working for your iPhone, then definitely buy a nice charger and you are all good to go! (you can ask me if you need a new charger (simple or car charger for iPhone) in Pakistan (islamabad/rawalpindi specially). Can ship internationally too but might cost you abit more.

Update: One thing that i just noticed is that once the iPhone starts charging from other charger (car charger) now it also works fine with the previous supposed broken charger too! :)

6. Change the battery of iphone

If none of the above ways work for you, then one option is to change your iPhone battery. Please note that while doing this make sure that the person doing this is skilled in this job otherwise you will have to buy a whole new iPhone as in next step.

7. Buy a new iPhone

Self explanatory!

Hopefully your iPhone not charging and battery depleted error will be solved by these troubleshoot steps. This might not only work for iPhone ( 2G/3G and 3Gs ) but also Apple iPad and iPod.

Update: will also work for iphone 5 and iphone 6 / iphone 6 plus charger issues.

Tip: turning on iTunes while iPhone is connected sometimes gets the iPhone to start charging normally

227 Responses to iPhone not charging ? – Finally solved

  1. Chetan

    Hi, Thanks,for your advice..I simply restarted and the phone started charging normally..thanks for your advice…

  2. George

    My i5 would not totally accept the cord tip into the charging port, so it could not charge. Something was preventing tip going in. Took to local Apple guys and they removed a roll of built up lint ! ! I could not believe the size of the lint. I’ve had i5 since nov 2012, and I carry it in my jeans pocket, which is the source of the lint. This happened the next day after I landed in Germany for a vacation. Simple problem solved.

  3. silva

    At first I tried to change iPhone chargers, I tried using it in the car, on different wall outlets, with different cords, and through a computer. I tried cleaning out my iPhone by blowing through the charger connector and that didn’t work. But then I went and used a needle to gently probe the inside and got a tiny dust bunny out.. After that my iPhone started charging just fine :) Thanks for making me have this idea!

  4. mgsayno

    do you what might be the problem? is it the hardware or software?

  5. Dr. Nabeel

    can you please tell me the problem again?

  6. mgsayno

    recently mine suddenly died though it still have like 60% of battery. the iphone will be rebooted but after a couple of weeks. it will again suddenly died. what might be the problem this? is there any permanent solution for this problem? that it won’t die again? thanks

  7. Happy

    Solved ..No issues

  8. prad

    Even I had a problem with my iPhone4 the battery level was low and the phone went dead after which I couldnt charge it even after connecting it to my mac or even to one of the wall sockets later, I tried blowing air into the iPhone charger socket did work for me thanks man…..

  9. Dr. Nabeel

    you’re welcome Prad! it’s good idea to keep iPhone clean :)

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