No Service after iOS 8.4 update

Apple rolled out iOS 8.4 this week and as soon as it downloaded, I tried to update it. However once the update completed, there was “No Service” on my iPhone 5. The issue got me surprised and shocked initially and I wondered if Apple has stopped supporting my country altogether? Or maybe the iOS is […]

WP Redirect Permalink

We’re happy to announce the release of our next plugin: WP Redirect Permalink. Plugin details are as follows: Plugin Name: WP Redirect Permalink Latest version: 1.0 Download Link: WP Redirect Permalink on Github Tags: remove postid from end, change permalink, redirect, permalink Details WP Redirect Permalink plugin allows you to efficiently redirect your previous urls that […]

Mobilink 3G issues

I’ve always considered mobilink to be one of the best cellular network in Pakistan. However, they proved me wrong today! I was using mobilink 3g internet on my tab for some time and for last 2 days, there was a huge drop in internet speed on my tab. Initially I considered it to be a […]

Remove textarea sanitization from Options Framework

While coding a theme for submission at theme directory, I was trying to allow theme users to add custom code like adsense ads or google analytics for website analytics, however options framework uses sanitization to clear the code before it adds it to the wordpress database using the global variable of WordPress “$allowedposttags”. This […]

Godaddy and PayPal payment issue!

No matter how much I “try” to like godaddy, I’m almost always disappointed. Well honestly, I just added “almost” for the sake of saying it, because it’s like always! In past whenever I’ve tried to call their customer support for any support, they failed to provide it! The customer service representatives who we talk to […]

How to add linebreak in WordPress biographical info

While trying to show the author bio on the single posts on WordPress site, you may have encountered the issue of not being able to add html tags or line breaks in your author biographical info. This post isn’t about adding html tags to the biographical info btw, it’s about adding linebreaks only. Yes both […]

How to Connect more than 5 devices to evo wingle 3g

Evo wingle by ptcl provides an option to connect 5 users at a time (and a few models allow 10 too). However this is not justified! sometimes, or in fact most of the times we need more than 5 connections that can share the internet connection! Well the trick is pretty easy. You can also […]