Location services disabled after iOS 8 update on iPhone

Apple has introduced iOS 8 for iphone 6 plus, iphone 6 , iphone 5s and iphone 5, which is a great operation system no doubt but has some bugs like every Apple software out there :/ I upgraded iOS on my iphone when it became available for installation and when I tried using my location […]

Urlencode not working for space in php – the_title() in WordPress

Today while working on a clients site trying to fix w3 validation errors I found this interesting error when urlencode was’t able to encode/escape the space character in the title of the post. Scenario (urlencode not working for space character in php): The w3 validator error said: Line 142, Column 297: Bad value http://twitter.com/home?status=10 Ways […]

How to block Facebook Id

So that weird Facebook profile is disturbing you and you want to know how to block facebook id of that person? Well it’s a fairly simple and straight forward process. How to block Facebook Id of someone 1. To block someones facebook id, login to your facebook account from which you want to block your […]

How to check screen resolutions of visitors using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool, enough to get you’re lost in it! Screen resolution of your website visitors is one of the metrics of google analytics through which you can see screen resolutions people use to visit your website. Now how can this information be important? well most of all it tells you the […]

Manually Canonical WordPress permalinks without plugins

First of all let me make it clear that WordPress “does” add canonical urls to your <head> section but it’s “buggy” and bad for seo. You can see that when it shows comments pages and each page, although having same article content, shows different canonical. This leads to duplicate content and/or duplicate title warning in […]

WordPress function add_filter not working [Solved]

Today I was trying to custom code the rel_canonical function of my wordpress blog but wasn’t able to override the function using add_filter function of wordpress. This could either be that add_filter don’t work for functions inside wp_head() function? or for that matter they might not be able to override when a function to be […]

iOS 8 launched? Google Maps updated!

Just received the update notification in my app store app on iphone 5 saying that google maps update is available which has 2 items in change log: Optimized for iOS 8 Bug fixes So the question suddently dived into my mind, is iOS 8 launched?. See the following image of apple app store application on […]