WordPress 3.8 “Parker” released – it is beautiful

WordPress has released WP 3.8 as a new year gift for 2014. This beautiful looking and well designed piece of update is really sleek and amazing. It’s not just a different look type update. The look and feel is entirely sleek and professional now and much more user and eye-friendly. With that being said, there […]

How to quickly lock your screen on mac os x

In this post you will be learning how to lock your screen quickly on mac os x when you’re hurrying somewhere and don’t have time to log off or shut down, or some times when you can’t logout or shutdown as some download is going on or due to some other reason. There are couple […]

Ufone nano sims available on franchises

Last time I updated that the nano sims are not available from ufone as per what their call center representative told me. However, after calling them for few days I decided to goto the main franchise of ufone in f-7, Islamabad, but was surprised to know that the nano sims are available there and were never […]

Ufone Nano sims not available

I’ve been trying to get my duplicate nano sim for iPhone 5 from ufone for last couple of days but their response is that nano sims aren’t available! Are they really short of nano sims? or it’s lack of coordination or management issue ? As per what I remember, ufone was very proud of being […]

Unzip Files over FTP in a minute

I was just basically searching to unzip files over ftp but failed, however few years back when I didn’t had any cpanelX, I used net2ftp. An online web based FTP client which has many features unlike regular OS ftp clients such as filezilla, etc. It is often feels like falling in trouble when a client […]

iOS 7 Clock Icon shows time in real time dynamically

Apple’s new iOS 7 now shows time dynamically on the icon too. The time shown by the clock icon on iOS 7 shows current time, complete with moving second hand too. You can see the clock ticking by second. Not just this, iOS 7 shows dynamic weather, current temperature, maps and even the videos dynamically […]

How Modern Communication Technology has changed Inter-Personal Communication

The world has always been fascinated with the ever changing technology, and the technological advancements have almost invaded the every walk of our life. Nonetheless, advancement of technology has definitely changed the inter-personal communication. People have adapted themselves with these advancements as they have made communication better, easier and more convenient. It is a hot […]

Top Selection Criterion when Choosing a Venue for an Event

Very often in life we need to host an event for the purpose of celebration, reunion, marketing or education. There can be many events such as, birthday party, bachelor’s party, graduation party, anniversary, retirement, wedding or even funeral. Venue is an important aspect of the event and it often decides the success of your event. […]

How to get the most out of your e-shopping

Internet has brought the shopping to buyer’s doorsteps. Few clicks of the mouse are what the buyers need to do for purchasing their favorite products/services. Almost all of the online shopping websites keep offering customer loyalty programs to lure the new customers or to retain the existing customer base. Either ways, online buying can be […]

How technology has changed the face of modern entertainment for consumers

Over the last one decade, technology has changed exponentially and it’s expanding rapidly in every field of life. Technology has done a great deal of work in cutting off the burden and making things easier to us. The physical things that we do are being transformed and made feasible in the virtual world by growing […]