Cpanel error while adding the redirect [solved]

While adding a permanent 301 redirect to one of my old domains onto a new one hosted on a cpanel based server I encountered an error saying: “There was an error adding the redirect.” Redirecting “” to will cause a redirection loop because , which is located at “/domain/location/both/are/same/” is above “/domain/location/both/are/same/”. Well […]

Number of your choice in Pakistan

So everyone here wants to have a number of their choice. I’m choosy about numbers, especially. I have mine that seems a golden one, indeed it wasn’t. It looks like 0333xxx0303 (the x digit is three times same digit). We are going to tell you few ways out to have your number with your choice. […]

FatCow 0.75 cent coupon / cheap sheep package

FatCow has given some really cool packages these days! The simplest and best one for testing purpose is Cheap Sheep package. The package gives you registration of an year for webhosting for $9 with a free domain name ! (isn’t domain cost almost 9$ these days? so you’re getting hosting for free probably ;)) The […]

is_single not working in functions.php wordpress [Solved]

I’ve been trying to add a condition for is_single() in my WordPress themes functions.php to show ads on blog posts only and not on other pages. However, the condition, if(is_single()){} wasn’t working as expected, i.e, it wasn’t returning positive for single post page too and thus failing again n again. Upon investigating and playing around, the […]

Show code on Single Post page only – WordPress

While working on wordpress, there might be something you wanna show on your single post page only and not on every content page of your wordpress blog or website. This can be done by using builtin is_single() function of wordpress. Showing ads (adsense ofcourse ?) on your single post page only and not on other […] – The publisher interface might be down.Try again after some time.

I’ve been trying to login my account to see if my earning has an increase of any cent or penny in last 1 month (that’s the maximum I earn through it on one of my site ! ) but I keep on getting this error that the publisher interface might be down The publisher […]

Viber Wishes “Happy Eid Al-Fitr” to Muslims via message

I just received a message to my viber inbox from Viber itself (weird, never got any such message before from the company itself) wishing me a Happy Eid Al-fitr. Viber, a jewish company, jews who’re bombing the Muslims of Gaza, even on the day of Eid, are wishing them Eid ! wow! I wonder what […]

iPhone 5 not charging [solved]

iPhones are amazing, specially iPhone 5. They changed the charger for the new iPhone 5 too to lightening charger. However, this didn’t solve the issue of charger getting bad or iPhone refusing to charge! The iPhones chargers are really unreliable and I have to always keep a spare charger with me so that I am […]

How to get WordPress current post author ID and other details

Yesterday while coding a function to show different adsense code for different author, I needed to find the author ID of that post to show the relevant google adsense code with it. The issue was solved by the wordpress builtin function get_the_author_meta. The official reference page for get_the_author_meta function for wordpress says that it has […]