Enable PHP short tags on nginx and apache

Tweet First of all, if you need to turn on short tags on your nginx or apache based server (linux or mac or windows or any other) for just one single tag, please do yourself a favor and change the single <? it to <?php However if you need it turned on for sure, then […]

WP BMI – Plugin

Tweet We’re happy to announce the release of BMI widget for wordpress plugin Plugin Name: WP BMI Download Link: WP BMI on wordpress.org | WP BMI on github WP BMI widget allows you to show a widget on your WordPress sidebar where you visitors can check their BMI. This widget installed on your blog provide your visitors the […]

Plugin not working on new nginx server

Tweet Recently I shifted one of my websites from apache based server to nginx and a plugin I coded (BMI calculator) stopped working on it. I thought it might be due to wordpress upgrade which happened almost the same day too. As WP is fond of deprecating old stuff, I thought it might have caused […]

Nginx – The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads [solved]

Tweet While trying to upload the image in my WordPress post, I received an error saying: The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads Server Configuration The server which got this error is: vps (unamanged with ssh/root access) ubuntu 14.04 minimal nginx with php-fpm and mysql NO ftp WordPress 4.0 The directories were in […]

w3schools.com error 503 – service unavailable

Tweet Guys our favorite site w3schools.com is down since yesterday with a 503 error! It’s down here in my region at least, is it working for you? If not then since when is the great resource down for you? I tried going to sub pages, through google and still nothing happened. All the pages including […]

www.Click2earning.com is Fraud and scam

Tweet This page is to inform you that Click2earning.com is a fraud site and is a scam. They have listed our website and many others just randomly and we did not pay them or even register on their site. In fact we didn’t know about this site even until we found out the fake traffic […]

WP LogInOut – Plugin

Tweet We’re excited to announce the launch of our next WordPress plugin for automatic login / logout links in selected menu. Plugin Name: WP LogInOut Download from WordPress.org: Wp-LogInOut plugin The plugin uses the wp_loginout functionality and extends it to automatically show login or logout button on your selected menu. The status of login or […]