The file is too large for the destination file system – Windows 7 usb error

While trying to copy my 6+ GB data to a 8GB usb flash drive in my microsoft windows seven installation i received an error :

The file is too large for the destination file system

Quite amazed at first that why am i getting this too large for the destination file system error, as the usb was completely blank!

However here’s how i fixed the issue (btw, this also works for external hard disk drives as well as usb flash drives).

Fix “Too large for the destination file system” usb error

  1. I checked the file system of the usb getting the “too large for the destination file system error” and it was FAT32 (you can skip this step though)
  2. Goto My Computer
  3. Right click usb drive and click format
  4. chose NTFS and click on quick format check box and click format to start the format process
  5. Try copying the file again and voila! it’s working now!

Please note, all the data inside the flash drive will be deleted once you format it. So backup any important data if you have any in it.

Hopefully you won’t get the file is too large for the destination file system error while copying file on your usb flash drive on windows operating system!

Format Flash drive to NTFS using command line (thanks to Paul) – if you want to do it via command line

the command for converting fat32 to ntfs is as follows

Start > Run > Cmd

convert d: /fs:ntfs

where d: is the drive letter of the external disk.

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  1. i93marko

    thanks a lot

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome marko!

  2. mmshrinker

    Thanks so much – nice to find some advice that works these days…

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome mmshrinker… glad to know that it worked for you

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      welcome tolis! glad to know your usb is working fine now

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    This works with External HDDs too, thanks Nabeel

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      thanks for sharing deepak, adding to the post too that it works with external hard disk drives too :)

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  7. Scott

    Hi! it didnt work for me? I’m trying to copy a 9 GB file onto a 14.4 GB memory stick. why wont it work? Thanks

    • Dr. Nabeel

      sorry to hear that scott, did you format it into ntfs format ?


    Thanks man…. it’s hope me…

    • Dr. Nabeel

      welcome gregereo!

  9. James B.

    So how come this worked for everyone else but it didn’t work for me…?

    Nah just kidding, worked great, thanks :)

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      glad to know that it worked for you too James :)

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    Wooootnees, thanks a lot, it works fine now :-)

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      glad to know that your usb isn’t giving file size error too :)

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    Thank you very much …….. It really Works

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  15. Helen

    You saved my life!! hahaha. I thought i’d go back to where i bought my flashdisk from. whew!

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