WordPress nginx permalinks not working

You may have recently switched from apache to nginx web server and realized that the rewriting structure of nginx is totally different from the apache one. First of all nginx doesn’t use .htaccess file normally, secondly the commands used in the nginx.conf file for the site aren’t the same syntax as the .htaccess one. Please […]

Use SD card as internal memory using switch partition

Yesterday my cousin showed me his new oppo mobile using color os. The smart phone was great! unexpectedly! but the issue was the same one we have with all android phones, the memory issue. It’s internal memory was around 2gb and the sd card was uselessly lying there as the phone wasn’t using it as […]

Whatsapp calling feature for iPhone released!

Whatsapp just released update 2.12.1 for iPhone with size 54.2mb that allows the users on iPhone to make calls via whatsapp! a long awaited feature by iphone users having whatsapp! With the new iphone whatsapp update released today on 21 april 2015, you can: call your friends using whatsapp for free using internet connection instead […]

Remove Facebook Virus posting Nude videos on wall

There are various viruses on Facebook these days. One of them is the one that posts nude and porn videos on your and your friends walls. Facebook Virus posting nude videos on friends wall The irritating virus on facebook posts naked and probably porn videos on your facebook wall, or even worse, your friends facebook […]

Understanding Server Load

Server load is one of the major delay in webpage loading. However there are misconceptions about the reading of server load among general people including many programmers too. What is server cpu load? Server CPU load is something like this (from our WP SERVER plugin): Server Load Averages¬†: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00 . Running for last […]

Fiverr 502 bad gateway

Just tried logging into fiverr and it’s giving me error! Fiver down error 502 bad gateway Fiverr is down, giving me error: 502 bad gateway ¬†What is 502 bad gateway error This error usually occurs when there is misconfiguration on the website you’re trying to reach. This error has nothing to do with your computer […]

How to get 100 visitors per day

Believe it or not, having traffic to your website can be one of the easiest things in the world if done correctly and consistently. How to get 100 visitors per day It all starts with a small step. You can’t have 10,00,000 visitors per day out of no where. They say a thousand miles journey […]

How to transfer WiFi internet over 10km practically and cheaply?

There might be situations when you need to carry internet over a large distance. One might ask why would one like to transfer internet over 10km or more? Well there are several reasons! Why would someone transfer internet over 10km There can be many reasons for which someone would like to transfer internet over 10 […]

Protect wp-login.php and wp-comments-post.php on nginx

This is the post in series of making your server 50-90% faster just with few tips, saving your server load, improving page load speed and seo, and also saving lots of $ on upgrading the hosting server. Why to protect wp-login.php and wp-comments-post.php on WordPress? WordPress is an amazing and widely used platform for blogging […]

Free up 90% server resources on Apache WordPress

Aim of this post is to elaborate how to protect your wp-login.php and wp-comments.php on Apache based servers so that you can not only secure them but also free up 50-90% server load. Brute force attacks and bots No matter how much you deny, your WordPress site is constantly under bots and bruteforce attack. The […]