How to take screen shot print screen on hp / dell notebooks / apple macbook

You probably have noticed that when you press print screen on hp or dell or some other notebook computer, it does not take the screen shot of your desktop. Even shift + print screen don’t seem to work. So how to make it work? well her it is! On laptops like hp notebooks, you need […]

How to increase battery time of notebook

Different notebook companies have differnt sort of batteries with variable battery life and battery time, like hp, dell, apple macbook, sony viao and toshiba etc. There are many tips out there to increase your battery time but i have compiled a few most important ways to acheive this. 1. Don’t run the notebook on battery […]

Fixing Error code 80040154 on msn messenger 2009 on windows vista ultimate

Today i encountered the error code 80040154 on windows vista ultimate when signing in to msn / live messenger 2009. You can view the error code by clicking on show details link in the popup. There are two fixes to this solution, one is repairing the corrupted file, second is reinstalling the messenger to get […]

How to get WordPress site Indexed in google in less than 12 hours

Well yes! you read it right! its not less than a month, not a week, not a day (24 hour) but its far less than 12 hours! I created this blog today around 12 hours ago. Made a few quality posts, around 7 and now when i checked the blog at night, it was listed […]

WordPress 2.8-3.0 file / image upload error fix

While uploading the image to the gallery on WordPress 2.8, i found out that it was giving me this error: Unable to create directory /the/path/here/. Is its parent directory writable by the server? This can be caused by some misconfiguration, including shifting the blog server or directory. The solution to this issue is simple: Goto […]

Warid – Pakistan sim not detected in iphone (solution)

Well when i tried my warid sim in the iphone 3g, it did not detect it and gave the message that the sim was not found. Tried with other sim of other cellular networks, and they worked fine. Also my warid sim was working with all other cell phones. So now trying various things to […]

Joomla released 1.5.12 today

Today joomla announced the release of version 1.5.12. It have been one month and few days since the last release of the joomla 1.5.11 on 3rd june 2009. Although i had subscribed to the joomla release updates, but they didn’t send the mail regarding this (or may be for some reason on their or my […]

Error 1618 while installing Skype

This article helps you fix if while installing skype messenger you get this error message: you already have a download started, make sure SkypeSetup.exe is removed to continue(code 1618) Solution: 1. Simply restart your computer twice. It should solve the problem itself. 2. If restart does not fix the issue, then try editing registry keys […]

10 Things to do as soon as you Install WordPress

In this article i am going to point out the ten basic things that you should do as soon as you install fresh WordPress on your domain. These will help you to flow in an organized way along with minimum loss of time and data. (This article does not explain how to install wordpress, please […]

Nabtron is back again

After having some issues regarding domain and our server, we are finally back again. We lost most of our back up though! but we will be having more boast than before, with much more informative posts too. And yes we will take care to have regular backups from now on! Our previous domain will […]