How to change your Youtube profile picture

This tutorial explains how to change your youtube profile picture that is shown on your profile main page and with your videos. The profile picture of youtube is sort of avatar for your profile and identity. If you want to change your youtube profile picture, which is displayed as the display picture(dp) on your youtube […]

What happens to value of the current as the value of resistors is changed?

Well the equation that shows the relation between the current and resistor is: V = IR So by this, we can see that I and R are inversely proportional. Which means that when resistors value increases, the value of current decreases, provided that the value of voltage is kept constant.

Restrict script use (number of times per day) using php & mysql

If you are a programmer and want your script to be restricted to say 5 time use only per day, then here is the basic idea about how to do it in this post. Please let me know if you feel any difficulty or need any code example etc too. We need to make a […]

iPhone Internet (EDGE/GPRS) settings (telenor, ufone, warid, mobilink – Pakistan)

I have compiled the gprs/edge settings for networks in Pakistan. (If you are looking for MMS settings for cellular networks in Pakistan – ufone, warid, mobilink gsm, telenor, zong) then follow to this page: ). These are the settings for setting up gprs/edge on iphone 2g/3g for Pakistan cellular networks including : telenor, ufone, […]

How to take screen shot / print screen on macbook (windows)

We use the print screen button to take screen shot of the desktop, but what? there is no print screen button on the macboo keyboard? Don’t panic! the solution is simple. If you dont want to buy a new usb or wireless keyboard and use it with your macbook just to take screen shots of […]

How to take screen shot print screen on hp / dell notebooks / apple macbook

You probably have noticed that when you press print screen on hp or dell or some other notebook computer, it does not take the screen shot of your desktop. Even shift + print screen don’t seem to work. So how to make it work? well her it is! On laptops like hp notebooks, you need […]

How to increase battery time of notebook

Different notebook companies have differnt sort of batteries with variable battery life and battery time, like hp, dell, apple macbook, sony viao and toshiba etc. There are many tips out there to increase your battery time but i have compiled a few most important ways to acheive this. 1. Don’t run the notebook on battery […]

Fixing Error code 80040154 on msn messenger 2009 on windows vista ultimate

Today i encountered the error code 80040154 on windows vista ultimate when signing in to msn / live messenger 2009. You can view the error code by clicking on show details link in the popup. There are two fixes to this solution, one is repairing the corrupted file, second is reinstalling the messenger to get […]

How to get WordPress site Indexed in google in less than 12 hours

Well yes! you read it right! its not less than a month, not a week, not a day (24 hour) but its far less than 12 hours! I created this blog today around 12 hours ago. Made a few quality posts, around 7 and now when i checked the blog at night, it was listed […]

WordPress 2.8-3.0 file / image upload error fix

While uploading the image to the gallery on WordPress 2.8, i found out that it was giving me this error: Unable to create directory /the/path/here/. Is its parent directory writable by the server? This can be caused by some misconfiguration, including shifting the blog server or directory. The solution to this issue is simple: Goto […]