Top Selection Criterion when Choosing a Venue for an Event

Very often in life we need to host an event for the purpose of celebration, reunion, marketing or education. There can be many events such as, birthday party, bachelor’s party, graduation party, anniversary, retirement, wedding or even funeral. Venue is an important aspect of the event and it often decides the success of your event. […]

How to get the most out of your e-shopping

Internet has brought the shopping to buyer’s doorsteps. Few clicks of the mouse are what the buyers need to do for purchasing their favorite products/services. Almost all of the online shopping websites keep offering customer loyalty programs to lure the new customers or to retain the existing customer base. Either ways, online buying can be […]

How technology has changed the face of modern entertainment for consumers

Over the last one decade, technology has changed exponentially and it’s expanding rapidly in every field of life. Technology has done a great deal of work in cutting off the burden and making things easier to us. The physical things that we do are being transformed and made feasible in the virtual world by growing […]

Top emerging and upcoming phone technologies of 2013

Evolution is an eternal process where change is constant. It is quite fascinating to see how the things would get transformed in to a new phase that is completely outlandish when compared to the origins.  Take for example, the evolution of phone technology which has begun its journey in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell called […]

How to get the most out of ebay when shopping online

Online shopping is a trend spreading like wild fire and so is the competition among all the online stores. What would be better than receiving what you shop on your doorstep that too at a lesser price than conventional market? To survive in the competition of this business, these ventures use honey to catch the […]

Long term benefits of IP telephony for small businesses

Even though, Internet Protocol Telephony has a lot of potential, yet it is one of those underused tools for small businesses. Savvy businesses prefer using the cloud, but cloud technology is far costlier than IP telephone. It also offers better flexibility and functionality also than those prototype telephone systems. Another name for IP telephony is […]

How to choose a topic for new blog

Blogging, just like friendship, is easy to start but difficult to maintain. Choosing the topic for our new blog is one of the most important question which can either waster our time or make our lives. Here you’ll be getting few tips and ideas on how to chose the topic for your new blog and […]

Explore the new Graph Search by Facebook – Tour

Facebook recently started rolling out the newly launched Facebook Graph Search. The graph search tour takes you through the features enhanced in facebook via graph search launch. Once your account is approved for Facebook Graph Search you will get a notification on your Facebook homepage saying that your account is now approved for Facebook Graph […]

Facebook Graph Search launched finally!

Facebook has started rolling out facebook graph search now. Today When I logged into my facebook account, facebook gave me a notification to update to facebook graph search. Graph Search is Here Good news! You’re off the waiting list and ready to start using Graph Search. Take 2 minutes to tour what’s new and see […]

Mcafee Siteadvisor Errors

Today I happened to create an account on mcafee siteadvisor to request a review for my website being falsely blacklisted by mcafee siteadvisor. After creating the account, I went to the website review page and clicked on the “Request a Review” link and voila! it gave me an error page itself! It takes you to […]