Facebook allows to translate comments automatically now – powered by Bing

Facebook now allows you to translate comments on your facebook statuses on your facebook wall. When you see any message written in any foreign language facebook will show you a link below it saying “See Translation“. Clicking on the see translation link under you comment will open the translation right below the original comment in […]

Geo.tv – news website or ad-network ?

Made this post to share the Geo.tv homepage screenshot which occurs as a welcome when you open the site. Seriously, the welcome view made me think if I was on a news website or a glamor or advertising website! Checkout yourself, the homepage view of the great news website, geo.tv (click to enlarge) Now tell […]

Facebook Messages not loading – Error

Facebook messaging app “Facebook Messages” isn’t loading properly for me and giving weird errors (screenshot below) While chatting, messages disappear and when try sending them they don’t go to the recipient. Facebook Messages not loading – Error When trying to open the full conversation, it takes you to the messages app but don’t show any […]

How to download VLC player for Free

I’ve noticed that many people ask where and how can they download the latest version of vlc player for free. They look for the free version over google and specially torrents sites. However, they don’t need to do so. Why ? because VLC player is free by default. Yes, you can download the vlc player […]

Facebook introducing graph search

Facebook has launched new Graph search (currently for limited US english population only). Their website says: Graph Search is available now in a very limited beta program for English (US) audiences. Sign up now to find out when you can start using Graph Search. With facebook graph search, you can search using normal english sentences […]

How to find imei on htc wildfire s

The title of this post says how to find imei number on htc wildfire s specifically because I’ve confirmed it on this cell phone. However imho, it should work on any htc phone (and works on other companies cell phones too) How to find imei on htc wildfire s To find your htc wildfire s […]

Samsung flexible oled – Youm

Samsung has launched new flexible display technology named “Youm”. Presentation also included prototype devices that allowed the screen to be bent and even rolled. Great thing about Samsung flexible oled is that they produce their own light, which means they don’t require thick, heavy and power consuming back lights. So its not just flexible, but […]

Youtube working in Pakistan! unblocked ?

I just noticed that youtube.com is working in Pakistan now. Not sure if its a technical error or is it officially unblocked here. Last week Rehman Malik announced that youtube will start working in 24 hours, however, its been 7 days since he said that. Upon contacting a few friends, youtube isn’t working on their […]

Best software for online ticketing

As technology has advanced, internet has taken control of all our daily activities be it meeting with friends, be it watching movies, be it shopping and many more. You say it and the internet has an offer for you. Even ticketing to various events is covered by this giant named internet which only makes our […]

Best brand engagement strategies

In order to build your brand into a successful and popular name, you need to have some strategies that engage customers with your brand. In this technically advanced world, no business or brand can taste success without the aid of social media and the virtual world of internet. Here in this post some of the […]