[Solved]Buddypress registration options plugin – Wrong datatype for second argument error

This post is meant to solve the error : Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /******/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 1594 I received this error when using bp registration options plugin with buddypress 1.5 on wordpress 3.3. To fix this error, follow these steps: 1. Goto plugin editor and select bp-registration-options plugin 2. Select […]

Yahoo Hacked, More Than 450,000 Passwords Posted Online

D33Ds company released information about yahoo being hacked and their website is down after posting the information. Yahoo voice was hacked by a group of some unknown hackers and around 450,000 usernames and unencrypted passwords have been released online by them. The document released by the hackers had this at the end: “We hope that […]

Hotmail / windows live mail giving Internal server error + service unavailable

Today hotmail / windows live mail is giving error while trying to login. Refreshing the page or going hotmail.com freshly gives different error almost every time. Like: Internal Server Error – Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.ac18ae8c.1341592655.3c69f1e And Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. […]

Odesk ssl error – The site’s security certificate is not trusted!

Well this happened to me for the first time on odesk.com. I was just logging into odesk.com for my daily routine workup, and suddenly got this message on chrome saying: The site’s security certificate is not trusted! You attempted to reach www.odesk.com, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted […]

Jailbreak ios 5.1.1 untethered on windows, mac and linux (absinthe 2.0)

Absinthe 2.0 (2.0.1 now) is out and provides untethered jailbreak for ios 5.1.1 on both windows and mac osx (except ipad 2.4). With absinthe 2.0.1 you can jailbreak iphone ios 5.1.1 easily by simply plugging in your apple ios device and clicking jailbreak. It will complete the process automatically and restart the device itself to […]

Buy Macbook Charger in Pakistan

Macbook chargers aren’t available in the Pakistani market easily. And when they’re, they’re extremely expensive. Now you can contact us for macbook chargers and get them for price 5000 pkr. To purchase macbook charger in Pakistan (islamabad, rawalpindi will get fastest delivery) please contact us on cell no: 03365256593 You can contact us if you’ve […]

PayPal launched new homepage interface

PayPal has launched a new interface for the homepage. It’s much more “broad” and involving. However, the new layout is only apparent on the url: https://www.paypal.com/home and not others (like only paypal.com or any other sub directly) Maybe they’ll roll out changes in the layout on other pages as well soon, as they should too. However, its […]

Pacebutler – Cell phone recycling and selling corporation

Out of many cell phone recycling industry in America, PaceButler Corporation is at the forefront who not only recycle damaged and unusable cell phones but also helps you get value for your old cell phone by providing a system where you can sell your used cell phones for cash. What’s the benefit of cell phones recycling […]

After how much time google updates cache ?

Made some changes to your site and now waiting for google to reflect those changes on google search and ranking ? Calm down abit, google takes some time to update the cache. After how much time does google update the cache ? well this question don’t have any definitive answer. Cache update time for google […]

How to buy / sell old cell phones online

You got a new cell phone recenty? you might want to change it very soon then . . . Every month or so, new cell phone model appears in the market. With this boom in cell phones development and new models coming to the market, the resale of the cell phones has increased too. Some […]