Nabtron Crossed 1000 email subscribers

We recently added email subscribe option to nabtron and it received very good response from the visitors. In just 2 weeks we crossed 1000 subscribers for our rss feed. Here is the screenshot from feedburner: Please note, this is just the total email subscribers count which includes both confirmed and unconfirmed subscribers.

International SMS charges from Pakistan

This post is regarding International sms charges from Pakistan. I have tested them using uFone only currently (will update others soon) Note: I have a uth package activated on my ufone and daily sms bundle package activated Charges per sms for international messages are: 2.99 rs These are confirmed international sms charges from Pakistan to […]

3 lessons I learned from failed meetup event

Today there was a meetup of almost 32 “confirmed” attendees and 22 maybe attending bloggers in McDonalds Islamabad, which failed miserably and had only 2 attendees. I learned many precious things out of it, few of them are: 1. Ask participants to confirm their participation Don’t just invite people to click on “Attending” on facebook […]

How to edit HOSTS file on windows (xp,vista,seven)

There might be various occasions on which you might want to edit your hosts file on windows system. Anyway, to edit and safe hosts file on microsoft windows operating system without error, follow these steps. 1. Right click notepad.exe and select “open as administrator” (find notepad by going in start > all programs ) 2. […]

What is Trackback and Pingback – WordPress blog

If you use wordpress to blog you might have noticed that you receive “trackbacks” or “pingbacks” on your posts other than comments. Not many people are aware with the term trackback and pingback, they’re pretty simple things though! Trackback Trackback is a type of link back in which any other website (or your own page) […]

Pak Bloggers Meetup – 30 oct 2011

We’ve planned a bloggers meetup on coming sunday, 30th october 2011 at 6:30 o 9:30 pm The event was planned and decided quite hurriedly and got great response. We’ve almost 24 confirmed attendees and 18 maybe attending ones. The event will be shared live via Google Hangouts. Facebook link for the event is: For updates keep in […]

Switch/Case vs If/Else (in PHP)

Although many programming languages use if/else and switch/case functions for conditional statements, but we’re discussing them here with regards to php specifically. I’ve been asked several times by junior programmers that whats the difference between using switch-case and if-else functions in php. Well, there are many differences. I’ll try to list them out and explain […]

How to view “Friendship” on facebook – video tutorial

Facebook has a feature of “view friendship” between you and your friend or any other two people. However, I wasn’t able to find that page easily enough so thought about sharing it. To view the friendship between you and your friend on facebook, follow these steps 1. Login to your facebook profile 2. Goto friends […]

And media fooled us again

I was surfing through facebook and found a post there which told something astonishing for me atleast! and it literally made me wonder how powerful media (specially electronic media) is. First of all, again, how is this post related to tech? Well media is a “very big” part of technology, so definitely we would like […]

Simple Contact Form Script – PHP

There are various contact form scripts and codes out there on php. I’m going to show you a very simple form which you can adapt according to your needs. The form shows a contact form and once submitted it hides the contact form and shows the thank you message only. A modified version of the […]