A,A AaA Another google speaker blues! – Ice cream sandwitch launch

Just watching the google and samsungs launch event. The a a a a aweseom Google speaker, once again, Andy I suppose, is trying to remember what he had to say there! This mark 66% of google professional speakers that i encountered to be highly untrained and highly inappropriate way of presentation by them. Aaa a […]

Google blocked iframes today for itself – Yet shows others websites in iFrame

I just found out that Google has stopped loading when opened from inside an iframe using some server side method. I didn’t try much to dig which one they’re using and how exactly it can be spoofed though. Google made this change today on tuesday, 19th october 2011. When we try opening google.com in an […]

Why Pakistan approached InterPol against Google

Lets not get into detail of who’s right, who started it, who’s responsible etc for the war going on, coz “usmai kuch parda nasheeno k bhi naam hain” but let me tell you why Pakistan approached interpol against Google last month. Btw, some might question, how is it tech related, well, it’s related to Google, […]

Payoneer – fees and tips

I was talking to one of my friends on facebook and while discussing I asked him why don’t he apply for payoneer and his answer was because they charge 35$ a month…! :O NO! they don’t! so I thought about telling you all something about payoneer and tips about its usage. For those who don’t […]

WP Server – Plugin

We’re happy to announce the release of WP Server load and uptime monitoring plugin for wordpress Plugin Name: WP Server Latest version: 2.1.3 Download Link: WP Server on WordPress.org | WP Server on GitHub Show average server load and uptime of your linux server on top in admin panel. It contains three values, first one is the […]

LinkedIn API profile fields

Well originally this post is meant to tell you that you can’t get “EMAIL address” through linkedin api. However, you can get a number of other profile field which include: user id first name last name headline location industry current status connections and so on. You can get the full list of profile fields which […]

noFollow links DO count – myth debunked

There’s a common misconception going around in the whole blogsphere that nofollow links don’t flow link juice (also page rank). First let me clarify, why I count link juice and page rank seperately, because page rank is just a measure used by google for various purposes which we all know. Back links (or link juice) […]

I don’t feel bad about adsense being disabled

Seriously, I’m not. I’m not worried that adsense got disabled. But wait, I am feeling bad, but for something else. I feel bad for working hard to get so much traffic on my site and just converting it into adsense clicks. I feel bad about not launching my own products. I feel bad about not […]

5 Thing I learnt from this Google mass disabling of account

Google recently mass disabled accounts (mostly from Pakistan and then south asia) on its 13th birthday on 14th october 2011 without any warning or even mentioning the website names which lead to account being disabled. This was really shocking for many people who’ve been earning hundreds of dollars from google adsense for many many years! […]

What exactly blogging for “ads” sounds like ?

You know what its like? let me give you an example, a joke popular in south asia: A guy was asked what he wanted to do in his future? He replied: I’ll study hard and get admission in good university. Then I’ll study hard and become an engineer. Then I’ll work abit to gather some […]