[WordPress.org Plugins] Request Approved: wp-wrapper‏

I submitted a plugin request to wordpress.org svn repository today morning and it got approved within 6 hours! (and on sunday! yay!) Feeling great about it! I was expecting them to point out atleast 1 mistake in it but luckily it was all fine ! :) Download Link: WP Wrapper on WordPress.org This is the email […]

WP Wrapper – Plugin

We’re happy to announce the release of wrapper for wordpress plugin Plugin Name: WP Wrapper Download Link: WP Wrapper on WordPress.org | WP Wrapper on GitHub Wrapper for WordPress does a simple thing, adds a wrapper to your WordPress. Joomla comes with built-in wrapper which is missed in WordPress by many wordpress users. Options in admin panel […]

How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak

Some users reported seeing a white cydia icon after jailbreaking their iPhone 4 on iOS 5. Follow these steps to fix the blank Cydia icon after iPhone 4 iOS 5 jailbreak: How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak 1. disconnect your iPhone from the computer 2. run redsn0w on your computer […]

Moneygram held my payment due to “Muhammad” in my name

Thats right! I received a payment from a client long time back on my name (Muhammad Nabeel Khan) and when I went to the moneygram office here in my city to collect it, boom, it was held. I asked them the reason they said there is no reason to be told. Just held. However, upon […]

Why Government of Pakistan threatened banning Google

Couple of weeks back government of Pakistan stated that it may ban google from operating in Pakistan if they don’t hand over the information critical to the countries security situation. Google was requested to submit the data related to terrorists across its domains including gmail and youtube. But google refused to provide any such data. […]

No no! Nabtron will continue – with more passion!

As you might have noticed that nabtron.com got its adsense blocked, but this post is just to update, that NO! Nabtron wasn’t made for adsense! it will remain! Infact ads were put on nabtron.com after more than 1 year of launching it. The purpose of nabtron is different, not to earn by ads. One affect […]

iPhone iOS 5 upgrade error – 3002

I made a post more than an year ago about iphone iOS 4.0 error 3002 which is getting quite a hits these days due to iOS 5 release and people trying to upgrade it ofcourse! So the error is that when you try to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5 it gives error 3002. I haven’t […]

Google lost “Interest” in Pakistani bloggers

Google has recently target a mass of adsense accounts held by Pakistan based bloggers and web masters. The reason for disabling the google adsense account was given mostly as “uninteresting” ! wtf? Now who decides whats interesting and what’s not? Google is playing around with almost 90% of Pakistani blogs by disabling their adsense account […]

Adsense alternative – yet another list

Ok so what are the alternates available to Google Adsense? This post is going to list them out, not in priority order for now, just to list the ones that are available out there. Please add more adsense alternatives through comments if I’m missing any (with a short review of them too and if you […]

Is Google taking revenge from Pakistanis for legal case against it?

Couple of weeks ago Pakistani security agencies demanded data of terrorists from google and it refused to give it to them. A legal case was filed against Google for protecting terrorists and their data. It is to be noted, that recently Google provided wikileaks related data to CIA “without” any warrant. And today, Google has […]