hmac_sha512 to jsSHA

A quick conversion of hmac_sha512 of php to a javascript library based jsSHA. e.g. if we had the php code: <?php $sign = hash_hmac(‘sha512’, $post_data, $secret); echo $sign; This can be converted to the jsSHA based javascript code like this: var shaObj = new jsSHA(“SHA-512”, “TEXT”); shaObj.setHMACKey(secret, “TEXT”); shaObj.update(post_data); var hmac = shaObj.getHMAC(“HEX”); I hope […]

WhatsApp not working

Today WhatsApp is down almost all over the world. There are complains from various countries and regions that whatsapp isn’t working for them. Why is WhatsApp Down? There is no announcement on whatsapp official blog or twitter account as to why whatsapp server is down. Nor did they mention and prior notice for downtime or […]

Godaddy domain renewal discount 25%

I just renewed by 3 domains that were expirion this week on Godaddy and got 25% discount on them. Two of them were .com and one was How did I get it? Well it’s quite simple, I opened the chat now at shopping cart page and asked the support guy to add a discount […]

Viber adds last seen

Finally, the ultimate breakup feature of whatsapp is now available on viber too. Today viber updated its app for iOS for iPhone (on android too probably and desktop). This new update shows this message on app store (image): It says: Watch YouTube videos in-chat – Play videos right in your chats or in minimized view […]

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError [Solved]

While working on a clients website, I came through this error saying: Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys NA.j @ util.js:210 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:133 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:41 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:37 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:41 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:105 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:37 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:105 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:37 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:105 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:37 (anonymous) @ js?ver=4.7.3:105 Wb […]

Filter posts on Facebook – Browser plugins

Facebook doesn’t allow its users to filter the content of the newsfeed. Rather it chooses on its own what it wants us to be brainwashed with. You remember about the much criticized news of facebook feeding users with depressive content intentionally and called it a “study”. Anyhow, there are some great browser¬†extensions to achieve this […]

Electron – Getting Started

Electron is a beautiful opensource framework, developed by GitHub. This was originally named Atom Shell, as it was developed to develop the atom editor by github. It’s based on node.js and chromium browser. In this tutorial, we will cover how to get started with electron framework to create a hello world desktop app. Steps for […]

Quora 504. Gateway Timeout error

Today I’ve been noticing 504 error a lot on Quora. It happened earlier, got better but it’s there again now. Maybe their servers are experiencing some attack or there is some server configuration issue! The error says: 504.¬†Gateway Timeout. Quora is temporarily unavailable. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Did you notice this […]

Stackoverflow Interface Updated

Stackoverflow has updated their front end interface today. The new interface looks like this image: The main change is in the header. The notifications are moved to the right side and the top menu bar has changed in design and sequence too. Do you like the new interface by stackoverflow and other sites of stackexchange?

Swift timer example – Repeat action

This tutorial will go through how to make an action repeat itself after a specific interval of time as a swift timer example. This code is written and verified on macbook pro using: XCode 8.2 Swift 3.0.2 MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 How to make an action repeat using Timer in Swift Lets understand swift 3 timer […]