Rounding Double in Swift

Rounding a Double in swift is quite simple and easy (tested up to swift 5.1). We simply need to use the round() function provided by swift. The example below will demonstrate how to use this function effectively, while keeping your number still a Double (without changing the type). This example has been tested in xcode […]

Stride Swift 3.0.1

Stride is an amazing and special feature in Swift (language by apple) which replaces the conventional c-style for statement loops. Stride() is used to loop over a range of numbers. This range can be moved using any increment. Lets look at three examples to understand three possible applications of stride in swift 3.0.1 code. Conventional […]

How to Reinstall mac OS Sierra

There might be some situations where Macbook or Macbook pro users may need to reinstall macOS Sierra. This can either be done as a troubleshooting technique only or for any other reaons that require them to reinstall Sierra as well. Our method will re-install macos sierra without erasing the data or formatting your MAC hard […]

Evo Wingle not connecting issues

There might be various reasons due to which your evo wingle is not working properly. In this post we will see various steps to troubleshoot the evo wingle 3g not connecting and how to fix the evo wingle connection failed issues. Following are the most common issues due to which the ptcl evo 3g don’t […]

Add Subdomain on Nginx

This tutorial explains how to add a subdomain on nginx server to your already existing and running nginx server. How to add a subdomain in nginx using terminal Nginx treats a new subdomain as a new entity, so basically the process of adding new subdomain is similar to adding a new domain name to your […]

How to create whatsapp group link

Whatsapp has launched the feature to generate a link for your whatsapp group and share it on web. Anyone who clicks the link can join the group without any admins adding them to it. This is really awesome feature for public groups for getting public into the group faster and more easily. How to generate […]

Symfony – Common errors

This post discusses and enlists common issues with symfony framework. Site not working after server change You might encounter error 500 when changing server or trying to host the site on localhost. The issue is really frustrating but funnily simple to solve! To solve the issue, simply goto your root folder and delete “cache“. Simple […]

Show hidden files & folders in Mac OS X

This tutorial enlist various ways to view hidden files and folders in Mac OS X (confirmed up to OS X 10.11.5, El Capitan). Dedicated to my friend who wanted to view hidden files and folders in his usb on his macbook pro! First we’ll see how to view the hidden files from with in finder. […]

BSOD Troubleshoot

It’s 2016, and yes we still have the blue screen of death, hanging on to our heads! This page is dedicated to various BSOD situations and how to overcome them, helping you troubleshoot the problem with microsoft windows blue screen of death. This can be with old windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1 or even windows […]