Symfony – Common errors

This post discusses and enlists common issues with symfony framework. Site not working after server change You might encounter error 500 when changing server or trying to host the site on localhost. The issue is really frustrating but funnily simple to solve! To solve the issue, simply goto your root folder and delete “cache“. Simple […]

Show hidden files & folders in Mac OS X

This tutorial enlist various ways to view hidden files and folders in Mac OS X (confirmed up to OS X 10.11.5, El Capitan). Dedicated to my friend who wanted to view hidden files and folders in his usb on his macbook pro! First we’ll see how to view the hidden files from with in finder. […]

BSOD Troubleshoot

It’s 2016, and yes we still have the blue screen of death, hanging on to our heads! This page is dedicated to various BSOD situations and how to overcome them, helping you troubleshoot the problem with microsoft windows blue screen of death. This can be with old windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1 or even windows […]

PHP Abstract Class

This post is related to abstract classes in PHP and will be updated with related information as time passes. Let me know in comments if you have any feedback, suggestion, correction or query related to this topic and content discussed here. Can Abstract Class have Private methods? I was reading a blog where someone commented […]

Zoho mail not working on Mac OS X El Capitan Mail

I’ve been trying to configure zoho mail via imap to the mac mail client on my macbook pro running os x el capitan. However no matter what I do, it ended up in error saying: unable to verify account name or password. I tried every possible thing, even checked two factor authentication by going to: […]

uTorrent not installing on El Capitan [SOLVED]

Today I was trying to install utorrent on my macbook pro running mac os x el capitan. However there was an error saying “could not initialize the installer“: Tried installing again, still the same error! Upon googling, I figured out that it’s a quite common issue out there and most people were suggesting that we […]

Preg_replace vs str_replace

I’ve been looking for benchmark tests that compare preg_replace with str_replace, but none was satisfying my exact situation. My exact situation was, that once the page is completely loaded, all thousands of lines of html code, and then run that code through my function to replace the substring in it with mine. Actually converting all […]

WordPress Hacks

This page will list common WordPress hacks to get things done. Note that this page doesn’t list any hack for malicious activities, rather to make the life of legit owners easier. How to make yourself admin via ftp If you have ftp access to the wordpress files only, first of all find your user id […]

JavaScript Tips

This post will be updated with various javascript related tips which are not extensive enough to have their own post. How to Select any element and change its any property You can access any element using javascript by calling it through its different attributes, in various ways, like: document.getElementsByName(‘yourname’)[0]; // adding zero means the first one […]