Adsense income back up, almost 40% – here’s how

Well recently I made a new post saying that my adsense income went down to almost 10% of the usual income that I was having on average for last couple of months, but now it has again geared up! I’m making this post to help those out there who faced similar issues recently or may […]

Adsense income gone down suddenly (almost 10% left only)

Well, this blog is not my main source of income though, but I had monetized it for last 3-4 months. In past couple of weeks, the Google Adsense income went down markedly to only 10% of the amount that I was getting before. Had it been smart priced? or some other reason? Well there are […]

Removing Google Image ads reduces page load time markedly

Like most of the bloggers and website owners, I have been testing many things related to my site and adsense on it in past couple of months that I will be sharing gradually here. This time I’ll talk about my experience regarding removal of google image ads from the posts page. Although to some people […]

Google Adsense error – unable to process your request

Today when i tried logging into my Google Adsense account my heart almost recovered from heart attack! (as whenever i login and there is some line of text instead of Adsense Reports overview page, it feels like Account Suspended page!) However, then i read the line with courage and it said: Error We apologize for […]

Why I removed Adsense ads from Feedburner rss feed

I employed Google Adsense ads on feedburner feed month or so ago to have any added revenue generated. However, although i had ad views in thousands, there were almost negligible clicks and that too didn’t pay very well. The reason could be that i don’t have many rss feed subscribers, so definitely the stats don’t […]

Using adsense? add a privacy policy now!

I’ve been reading around on the google adsense official help forums and i came to realize that privacy policy is infact an important requirement for using google adsense on your website! Ok hold on now! so how do you write a privacy policy? well that depends on your website and what you want your privacy […]

Google Adsense introduces – Ad Review Center

Today when i logged into my Google Adsense account to modify the competitive ad filter list as i noticed some low ctr and cpc ads on my blog posts, i got this notification from adsense saying: NEW Introducing the Ad Review Center. Review all placement-targeted ads before they run on your site. Learn more… The […]

Competitive ad filter list for google adsense

I’ve been testing various ads being shown on my adsense account and believe me it made a hude difference (x10 times) by simply using the competitive ad filter list of adsense and blocking some domains from showing their ads on my site. The list I’ve compiled is not only the default one available online everywhere, […]

Accidental click on adsense ad, what to do now?

First thing to do is to calm down and then continue reading this post. There can be many instances when we click on our own adsense ads by mistake or for fun and then we realize that we did a mistake.If it was just one or two clicks, then don’t worry about it. Although google […]

When exactly will Adsense pay me

A question which appears in almost everyone who recently joins adsense. Actually i was also concerned and confused about the exact date when adsense will release payment for my monthly (and previous) earning once i reached the threshold. Adsense starts checking for your previous payments to verify them once you have reached the payment threshold […]