Difference between AlertPay Personal Starter, Personal Pro and Business account

AlertPay is an online payment processor providing three types of accounts for its users AlertPay Personal Starter account AlertPay Personal Pro account AlertPay Business account The differences between the three can be assessed by following and then help you chose which one you would like to have: Difference between AlertPay Personal Starter and Personal Pro […]

Moneybookers stole my money

Gentlemen, today I’m going to share my experience with the scam payment processor moneybookers (now renaming themselves as skrill to hide their bad name). I received a payment from one of my client almost 10 days back (almost 700$). The payment got cleared. I delivered the product to the client and after a week boom! […]

Is Moneybookers Scam? YES

According to the definition: Scam is a slang term for a fraud or confidence trick. And moneybookers fits fit into it! Let’s see how: Moneybookers don’t allow you to charge back the money Moneybookers “blocks” your account for all activity and terminates it, instead of limiting it and giving you a chance to prove your […]

Payoneer – scam or not

When we are about to join any service which is relatively new to us, this is the first question that comes to our mind! Specially if it’s related to finance and money matters! then we obviously like to confirm if this is scam or not! Well about Payoneer, short answer is: NO! Payoneer is not […]

UBL online banking “Invalid Security Code” error while changing limit

United Bank Limited, despite being a very good bank, have not so strong online banking software. There are many errors which I have encountered while using the UBL ebank online. Some of them are serious bugs, while others are general errors. While trying to increase my daily usage limit to a higher number, it asks […]

How to make a Mass Payment in PayPal

This tutorial explains how to make a mass payment using PayPal. Mass payment through paypal don’t only helps reduce the work load and tiring repeated work while sending the payments through paypal, but it also reduces the fee deducted while sending the payment (usually only 1$ is deducted, instead of 2-4% transaction fee when sending […]

Paypal donations can get you in trouble

Almost everyone who uses paypal is familiar with paypal donations options. We can create a donations button to be kept on our website or blog from PayPal and it can be used to collect donations from people. However, please note, that this is not as simple as it seems. PayPal also monitors donations and recently […]

Payoneer – Runtime Error

I’ve been trying to login to payoneer client admin panel for some time now and everytime i press the login button, it takes me to the page saying Runtime Error. Rest of the site works fine. I just tried resetting my password and it worked fine too. The password reset page worked fine and i […]

Verify your Credit Card with Alert Pay in non Euro currency

Recently had an experience with Alert Pay while adding the credit card to my account so thought to help out people who may face the same situation. I used my Payoneer Credit Card (master card) to verify my AlertPay account. The deposit statements are shown in my account in US$ instead of euro. But when […]

Receiving Donations via PayPal? Hold on!

Recently I made a post on the blog for people to donate for Flood affected people in Pakistan. I added option to pay via PayPal too without knowing that it may lead me into trouble! I just received 2 donations (1 100$ and 1 20$ and bang! my account got limited by Paypal. Although i […]