How to turn off predictive text keyboard dictionary in iphone

Gone crazy with that iphone builtin predictive keyboard dictionary? correcting and annoying you with every word replacement? well there is really simple way to fix it! and stop it from bugging you!. And NO! its not by adding any new application or anything, infact apple has provided the settings in the iphone! for those who […]

Can’t find chicken vnc home button (to go back on the iphone home page)

While using chicken vnc client on macbook , mac OS-X leopard, with veency installed on iphone, i realized that i cannot find the home button on the screen of the chicken vnc client, but hey! wait, it is there, but not as a button, but as a shortcut! The Program works perfectly otherwise, lets you […]

How to prevent iPhone 3GS from Heating / Overheating?

As per all products of apple, iphone 3gs also got many complaint in the initial days of its release. One of those issues is the overheating problem of the iphone 3gs, getting heated up very soon. The overheating of iphone 3g/3gs can be caused by various factor including the new firmware of the iphone, which […]

iPhone Internet (EDGE/GPRS) settings (telenor, ufone, warid, mobilink – Pakistan)

I have compiled the gprs/edge settings for networks in Pakistan. (If you are looking for MMS settings for cellular networks in Pakistan – ufone, warid, mobilink gsm, telenor, zong) then follow to this page: ). These are the settings for setting up gprs/edge on iphone 2g/3g for Pakistan cellular networks including : telenor, ufone, […]

Warid – Pakistan sim not detected in iphone (solution)

Well when i tried my warid sim in the iphone 3g, it did not detect it and gave the message that the sim was not found. Tried with other sim of other cellular networks, and they worked fine. Also my warid sim was working with all other cell phones. So now trying various things to […]