Do you know the affect of changing posts title on seo (hint: its bad)

Everyone talks about updating your old posts and make them more search engine friendly by adding proper keywords and removing unnecessary words and lines from it. Well I keep doing so too sometimes on some of the posts, but not very actively. However, I never tried changing the posts title tag text. Last days (2 […]

New layout of Google Sitelinks

Google has updated the way it shows the sitlinks in Google Search results. For example, goto and search for “” and you will get the first result,, with sub links to it which are site links. In past they were shown as just a 2 column list which was not that expanded, but […]

Do you know Google Plus One’s impact on search results ranking ?

Google added +1 button to search result and also allowed webmasters to add the button to their posts where people can like them on their websites. Result? well this way google will know that this content is better and more audience thinks its appropriate and reliable. First, come to the common part: Good blogs will […]

Google added Voice search feature

Google has recently released the voice search option to Google Search. You need to simply click on the mic icon to the right end of the input box and it will allow you to speak what you want to search for. Although this might need some practice for most people to speak in proper accent. […]

How to turn off Google autocomplete / suggestions

Google search has the autocomplete suggestions integrated to it for quite some time now and is really useful to the users too. However, some users find it irritating as one of my friend complained about it today too. In this post you will be knowing how to turn off google autocomplete suggestions. How to turn […]

Search by image – Search Google with an image instead of text

With google image search ( you can search by image. Now we can search Google with an image instead of text too! Either upload the image or paste the image url to let google search related images for you on the web! To search by image instead of text on google image search, simply goto […]

Removing Google Image ads reduces page load time markedly

Like most of the bloggers and website owners, I have been testing many things related to my site and adsense on it in past couple of months that I will be sharing gradually here. This time I’ll talk about my experience regarding removal of google image ads from the posts page. Although to some people […]

Factors affecting Google search ranking

We have heard many times that there are almost 200 factors that affect the search engine ranking for your website, specially in regards to Google. So let’s compile a list of those factors. I’ve shared here the factors that i know. If you have any such list or even 1 factor then please share and […]

How to use Google keyword research tool?

Howdy guy! Hope you will like my article about using keyword tool for. Today I’m here to tell you in extremely open about the usage of keyword tool and per click cost of any keyword. Keywords are very important when you’re to earn with your site. They pays the main role to give you per […]

How to Add my website in Google

Fairly simple query with a easy solution! yes! Many people consider getting listen in google to be like getting ID card in Pakistan! but it is really not so! it’s pretty much simple indeed. How to add site to google? So how do you get listed in google? Well there are couple of ways to […]