How to delete/remove friend from facebook on iPhone

Ever needed to delete the friend in your friend list on facebook while using the facebook application for iPhone, and surprised to find that there is no such option for removing the friend from the list available? Don’t worry! i’m here to help you out in this situation to show you how to delete friends […]

How to enable Facebook SMS notifications

It’s been some time now when facebook started this feature of sms subscription to the notifications for “free” to all its registered users, but still most of the people are unaware of this useful feature! Facebook allows the users to change the settings to receive a sms for the notifications that they subscribe for, such […]

How to disable Facebook auto connect to Twitter (stop auto links posting)

Some days ago i turned on this facebook connect feature with twitter, which started auto posting all my shared links from facebook to twitter automatically. Quite helpful, but turned out to be quite irritating. . . why? well because most of links were from my blog and i installed auto tweet plugin in my wordpress […]

How to remove facebook security check words [captcha code text]

Facebook have a security feature of captcha code which shows some words every time you want to do interaction with the people on facebook including: adding new friends sending message to people who are not in your friend list Well, this is really good security check though, but can be very much irritating some times, […]

Where to find farmville updates (fv publications) on facebook new homepage

I got a comment from one of the visitor on a facebook updates hide/unhide post, asking that he is unable to find the farmville application updates (fv publications in his words) on the facebook new homepage design. Well, here it is how to show them!. Actually, facebook homepage has now seperated the Live Feed and […]

Facebook Konami Code (up up down down left right left right b a enter)

There are some sites online which use the konami code which lead to some interaction once the code key are pressed while the particular website is in focus on the screen. Facebook also utilizes konami code (famous as cheat code for facebook) to produce a glare on the screen when the person tries to click […]

How to Write in Urdu on Facebook Wall

NOTE: We have launched our own project page for writing in urdu (from roman to urdu! the best simple and easiest way). Check it out here: Write in Urdu. Early in the morning on a Sunday! i was online on facebook and was doing some browsing too, i got a message from one of my […]

Where to find your shared links / videos page on facebook

Note: ┬áThis post is deprecated, click here for new method to find and delete facebok links and videos. Facebook allows the users to share any video or link on their wall and share it any interesting thing they find to the friends that they have added in their profile on facebook. The shared links and […]

How to create a fan page in facebook

All people who use facebook are familiar with fan pages. Which ask you to become a fan of some thing, like some website, some person, celebrity, product, institute or location etc. And we get invitations for that too, where our friends ask us to become fan of their pages! How to create a Facebook fan […]

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

If you are using facebook for some time and are fond of using applications and giving them permission to be on your facebook wall etc, you might have noticed that they get placed at various places on your facebook wall. Some of them on the main wall page, some on the side bar, boxes, info […]