Facebook error while logging in – Form Submitted

A user contacted me today for a strange error while logging into facebook. It goes like this: We goto Facebook.com, enter the login details and press enter. Facebook asks us to name new device we’re logging in from, saying: Name New Device Please give this device a name. Because you have Login Notifications enabled, you […]

Facebook removing “discussions” app from Pages

Facebook announced today that they will be removing discussions app from facebook pages from 31st october 2011. I received the notification message when I went to nabtron’s official facebook fan page. The message from facebook said: We’re Making Pages Better We want to make sure the tools you use to manage your page are as […]

Ebay added Facebook Like button on items

Ebay has added Facebook Like button next to the heading of all the listed items. The like button shares the current items link on the persons facebook profile. It’s a good way to promote the items and also ebay! checkout this image to have an idea how the facebook like button is shown on ebay […]

How to disable Facebook timeline

Facebook is going to release the new timeline based profile for all its users in these days, so it’s not of much use though! but incase you activated the timeline on facebook by creating the application method then you can disable it again and revert to old facebook profile (until new timeline is implemented as […]

How to activate facebook timeline – NOW

Facebook is going to roll out facebook timeline feature for all the users in coming days. Currently the timeline feature is available on facebook too but needs some steps to activate it. To summarize, you need to have facebook developer account + developer skills abit to activate facebook timeline for your account. However, making your […]


There are spam messages being circulated around on facebook saying that facebook is going paid now and has released their premium membership grid and asking users to paste this message on their status so that they get it for free bla bla. I was overlooking this message for a while until some of my quite […]

How to permanently delete Facebook messages

Just received an sms from a friend asking: How to completely delete messages from fb :s So the blogger within me woke up and I thought why not tell you about this too! This post will explain to you how to permanently delete facebook messages. When you simply click the cross to the right of […]

Facebook improved Lists feature

After the launch of Google plus, looks like facebook has got some awesome ideas to improve their social network too, a competition is always good! eh? Facebook is rolling out new features almost every week these days. One of the features launched today is of improved friend lists management by facebook. When I logged into […]

Facebook is up again after 4 hours of downtime

Facebook servers went down (confirmed in Pakistan) for almost 4 hours starting at nearly 12:30 PST. The website are back up now at Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m not very much sure about the cause of this down time!