“I Still Love You” – Trend spike on twitter

A couple of minutes ago i noticed that the twitter trending had a very strange phrase in it. Well not strange as a phrase, but it was strange to be there atleast! The phrase said: I still love you To be honest i thought it’s title of some news or movie recently released! but when […]

How to confirm Facebook email address

When you register for an account on facebook social network they ask you to verify your email address that you provided during registration. I have noticed some people feel difficulty in verifying their email address with facebook, so this tutorial is for those people who have queries like: how to confirm facebook email address? how […]

How to Qualify for Youtube Partnership

Youtube allows certain video uploader accounts to become their partner. Many people inquired what are the requirements to become a youtube partner, well, here they are (as said by youtube not nabtron). To become a YouTube Partner, you must meet these minimum requirements: You create original videos suitable for online streaming. You own or have […]

Facebook account Blocked – How to solve/get it back now?

Did you just got your facebook account blocked? Because of some illegal activity that you do (breaking their terms) or even without doing any mistake intentionally? Well don’t worry then! Like all nice networks facebook also provides its user friendly service and allows them to request to review their blocked account and probably get it […]

Digg submit new link error – fsockopen related

I have never encountered such an error on Digg before today. As soon as i started receiving this error, i tried searching on google for any previous posts related to this error while submitting a post link to digg by any other site or author, but didn’t get any information. While trying to digg few […]

How to get rid of / disable Facebook Notification Emails

Facebook.com by default sends all your notifications related to your account to the email address that you used to signup with the facebook. No doubt a very nice and helpful feature, but some times facebook notifications makes your inbox a mess if you got too many notifications a day including any facebook message, or when […]

Facebook Causes – Sharing email address for notifications

Facebook has been making some major changes to its social networking script recently. Apart of this, they have also announced that soon the applications won’t be able to send the notifications to the users on their facebook account / wall, instead, users can chose to give the applications their email addresses so that the notifications […]

How to see All Friends List in New Simplified Facebook

Lost the friends list showing all the contacts that you have on facebook account? Well this issue arise among many people who recently got shifted to the new facebook layout, the simplified version of the facebook design and interface. So if you are also unable to find the list of your friends/contacts on the facebook […]

The updated, new, simplified Facebook homepage

Facebook has been updating and implementing their new, improved code for the backend as well as the front end of the application for past couple of weeks which has now been implemented on various servers. Not all accounts are converted to the new, simplified facebook homepage currently as the update is in process and step […]

Face Morphing on Orkut – By Google

Google has been adding various apps to its social networking site Orkut. Recently they added an application Face Morphing in Orkut. The app takes your Orkut profile picture and smoothly morphs it into your friend’s profile image. (Link for orkut face morphing, not working anymore though was: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AppInfo?appId=327726236845 ) While morphing the image, the app […]