BSOD Troubleshoot

It’s 2016, and yes we still have the blue screen of death, hanging on to our heads! This page is dedicated to various BSOD situations and how to overcome them, helping you troubleshoot the problem with microsoft windows blue screen of death. This can be with old windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1 or even windows […]

How to take a screenshot on windows seven easily

There is one old popular way of taking screenshot on windows by holding down ctrl + prtsc (print screen) key. Then pasting the snapshot in ms paint and saving it. Relatively lengthy and boring process right ? There is another way of achieving the same task, its not the best though, as it can be […]

How to edit HOSTS file on windows (xp,vista,seven)

There might be various occasions on which you might want to edit your hosts file on windows system. Anyway, to edit and safe hosts file on microsoft windows operating system without error, follow these steps. 1. Right click notepad.exe and select “open as administrator” (find notepad by going in start > all programs ) 2. […]

How to take a screenshot on windows vista

I’m not on a windows vista based system right now but will try to outline the steps required to take a screenshot on windows vista. Follow these steps to learn how to take a screnshot on windows vista. (btw, these steps work on almost every version of windows – xp,vista,seven) How to take a screenshot […]

Dual Boot Windows Vista And MAC OS X 10.5

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for information purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility for any damages caused as a result of these instructions. Also please obtain legal version of OS X from apple prior to using the os. Requirements: Desktop PC or Laptop running windows (vista/xp) iATKOS v1.0 DVD image (approx 2.16 GB) Windows (vista) […]

How to Factory restore Acer Laptop (Windows xp, vista, seven)

Having trouble with your system settings? or got files and settings altered or corrupt? you can restore your laptop to factory settings very easily. Follow this article if you want to factory restore your laptop (acer in my case on windows vista) Turn on your computer and as soon as it turns on press ALT […]

Dual Boot – Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows Seven Install (using windows boot manager)

Ubuntu is no doubt a wonderful operating system and a real fun to use too, and this new version 10.10, it’s simply awesome! When I started using linux (specially ubuntu) I always wanted to have it on my computer but to be honest, I didn’t like the linux based boot loaders to take over. Because […]

How to batch resize images in windows seven

Ever needed to resize a whole bunch of images at once without going through the tiring process one by one? Well you definitely can! Continue reading if you want to resize batch images in windows seven. To resize batch images at once in windows seven, you can use Image Resizer 2.0 which is a clone […]

Windows Phone 7 – Microsoft’s new mobile platform

Microsoft has unveiled it’s new mobile phone operating system this Monday which will probably help it regain grounds lost to the iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android powered devices! Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer took the wraps off nine mobile phones during an event held at a loft in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, running on windows […]

Can’t enable file sharing lan windows seven – Solved

I was trying to copy some files from my macbook to desktop, both running windows seven but was not able to do so because whenever i try to enable file sharing in windows it didn’t, and gave the same option that file and printer sharing is off. How to fix this issue? well it’s pretty […]