How to monitor your processor temperature

My macbook gets really hot these days, ya because it’s summer out here now! so it’s almost unbearable to keep it in my lap usually! I changed many power options to keep it cool but it failed me . . . Anyway, so coming to the point, how can i check the core temperature of […]

Reveal Saved Wireless Key on Windows (xp, Vista, Seven – 7)

So you forgot the password of your wireless network but luckily have it saved on your computer (windows wireless password manager saves password if you chose to save password) while connecting to the wifi network and now need to know the wireless key / password? Don’t worry! keep reading and you will know how to […]

The file is too large for the destination file system – Windows 7 usb error

While trying to copy my 6+ GB data to a 8GB usb flash drive in my microsoft windows seven installation i received an error : The file is too large for the destination file system Quite amazed at first that why am i getting this too large for the destination file system error, as the […]

Virus / Trojan freezing your computer – how to fix

There could be numerous viruses and trojans which can affect your computer and cause problems to it in various ways. Some viruses are just made by programmers for fun. They simply freeze your computer that’s it. But some are serious threat. They may delete your critical data, and / or send the data to the […]