Chinese Got Punishment Because Of Counterfieter CISCO Gear

One Chinese man called Yongchai Li has been sentenced for selling out fake Cisco components, which is a very shameful act. What happened to Chinese people, who was considered to be honest and one of the most hardworking people and now they are moving towards stealing someone’s name.

 He has to spend 2.5 years in US jail for promoting counterfieter Cisco gears. He had firstly sold out the routers and many other networking fake Cisco components in China and after that, he had started shipping the routers to United State Of America. Moreover, he has to pay US $800,000 to the networking company because he has used their name and bluff the people by selling out components.

 You should know the fact that these counterfieters components don’t have high quality parts and they are made of those things, which don’t work exactly. He had been caught by the FBI on Jan 9, 2009 and now he has got punishment last Monday. You won’t beleive that he got high sales through Cisco components withing 30 months. Ahhhhhhhh, why people make fun of others, when they are not capable of to do anything.

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