Contact form 404 error when Post – wordpress

Was finishing the wordpress plugin partially coded by my team member and while trying to submit it as POST twenty twelve theme said:

This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Well honestly speaking, yes it was, coz after trying few different things (including removing the plugin completely) it still gave this error. (You can refresh the page with 404 error – resubmitting the values POST be the contact plugin – even after deleting it)

Anyway, lets come to the point, the solution was pretty simple.

The issue was that he used wordpress specific value in the form. He was “name” field in the form which caused this error.

So the solution to the contact form showing 404 error was to change the “name” field in the form to something else!

4 comments on “Contact form 404 error when Post – wordpress

  1. I’ve worked for a day to figure this out. Changing input name is really the answers. Thank you for this info help me to build my fill up form for name card preview.

    1. Glad to know that it worked for you dlysen!

      can you tell me which keywords you used to land here? might help in updating the post so that someone else looking for the same thing can get some help

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