Do you know Google Plus One’s impact on search results ranking ?

Google added +1 button to search result and also allowed webmasters to add the button to their posts where people can like them on their websites. Result? well this way google will know that this content is better and more audience thinks its appropriate and reliable.

First, come to the common part: Good blogs will get more plusses and thus will get better results in search engines and so on and on! overall reforming the web! correct? NO!

Second, come to the real part: You made a post about a new feature added to iOS first and your blog has a traffic of 1000 visitors per day. You might get 1-2 likes in a week, that too if you’re lucky. Mashable or gizmodo makes a post about same app, and even those on mashable who don’t own or like iphone, might like this post! giving it 20-50 likes in a day.

Result: the richer will keep getting richer.

Well I am not saying that the bigger sites post is not better than the smaller one, but comeon! he said something too! maybe I am feeling wrong because my traffic (along with my some friends) went to less than 40% of the traffic, without any reason, other than this google plus one apparently! and it hurts, hurts alot!

What’s the impact of google plus one on your blogs search ranking?

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