Fast and Secure Contact Form – Update error – same version again in WordPress

If you’re using Fast and Secure contact Form for WordPress (or any other plugin with similar error) you might have noticed that when ever you try to update this plugin, it gets updated successfully, but after some time you get a notification to update it again.

The interesting thing is that every time it tells you that you have version 2.9 and need to update to latest 2.9.1.

So how to fix this issue? Pretty simple.

If your plugin (in my case Fast and Secure contact form) is causing trouble by giving you notification to upgrade the plugin everytime you do it successfully, just follow the following method of modifying the plugin file to change it’s version number so that it don’t give you any further notification to update it.

To edit the plugin, do this:

1.Open si-contact-form.php file to edit it

Login to your file manager or ftp server and browse to following folders to open the file si-contact-form.php:

<WordPress Root>/wp-content/plugins/si-contact-form/si-contact-form.php

Or access the file by going to WordPress admin panel backed and going to:

WordPress Admin panel > plugins > editor > Fast and secure contact form (from top right drop down list of plugins)

2. Change the version number:

Change the version number of the plugin on line 9 from 2.9 to 2.9.1. Hit Save to save the file.

Now wordpress will not show you irritating repeated notification for the upgrade available for this plugin.

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