How to admin login in self hosted wordpress blog

wordpress self hosted blog login url for admin panelWell for some a tutorial about self hosted wordpress login might sound pretty stupid but trust me i got queries from many people who setup their wordpress blog on their own hosting or i set it up for them and they don’t know how to access the login page of wordpress self hosted blog’s admin panel.

Even if you already know how to login to wordpress admin panel on a self hosted version on your server, this post might tell you a few techniques and new ways that you might not be knowing already!

How to admin login in self hosted wordpress site

Well in this tutorial i will explain how to access the admin panel in various ways.

1. Entering the admin panel path

First and simplest method is to enter the wordpress admin path url in the address bar. The path to be entered is:

In the above path change the to your own domain name. Enter your username (usually: admin) and password and enter to login to wordpress self hosted blog and voila! you have logged into your wordpress site admin panel dashboard.

This page will redirect you to the login page where you can enter your wordpress admin username and password for that account. Upon successful login, it will redirect you to the wordpress dashboard.

2. Using a Plugin

There is a plugin named theme my login. Install this plugin and this will add a login button / link on your pages menu which will be just like your normal blog page.

There are various other plugins for this purpose too but I personally like this plugin a lot! It’s clean, to the point and customizable. Even if you don’t customize it and run it as it come as default, it still works great. If you want to disable the custom css option and only want to use the base level theme my login plugin features, it works amazing that way too!

It will also create a new page on your blog named “login” which you can access to login to your wordpress site using the url:

Where you should replace with your own website name. Upon successful login it will redirect you to wordpress admin dashboard.

Hopefully this article helped you in logging into your wordpress self hosted blog if you were unable to do it :)

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