How to check add requests / invitations on msn messenger

I don’t use msn messenger (now called windows live messenger) much but today had to install it to talk to one of the contacts who only preferred msn messenger.

The latest version of windows live messenger (msn messenger 2011 – although its 2012 already) have alot different from its ancestors.

In previous versions, when you login, and if you had pending add requests, they will all popup! but in the latest version, they don’t.

I was bit confused as to why didn’t I receive all those add requests popups when I logged in after a long time too.

How to view pending invitations on windows live messenger 2011

Well, viewing your pending invitations on windows live messenger 2011 is fairly simple. They’re at the bottom of the messenger window below your contacts lists (see the image below)

Let me know if you still have difficulty with the new msn messenger 2011 or still not able to receive some add request.

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