How to send Google plus invites

Once you have been invited to Google+ by your friend now you can invite others that you like.

Google plus is invite only currently, you need to be invited by current users of google plus to be registered there. Once joined, you can invite your peers to the social network by Google, Google+

To invite someone to Google plus, follow these steps:

How to invite friends to Google+

1. Login to Google+

Login to your Google plus account and goto homepage

2. Goto Google+ Circles

On Google plus homepage, click on circles

invite friends on google plus

It will take you to google plus circles.

3. Create a new circle on Google+

It’s better to create a new circle on G+ before inviting random people, so that they are all sorted in that one group.

To create a new circle on Google plus, once you are on the circles page, take your mouse on Drop here to create a new circle

create a new circle google plus

It will change to Create circle click it.

create a new circle google plus

Give name to the circle (I called it “invites sent”) and save.

4. Add people to google+ circle

Now it’s time to add your friends to google+ circle we just created. To add friends click on the newly created circle

Click on Add a new person

add friends to google+ circles

Add the email id of the person and click enter ( you can also try searching by name ).

It will then ask you to add name for the person, add a name and click save.

5. Save the list

Once you have saved the email id and name of your friend who you want to invite to google plus, you can now save the list.

6. Share something to the circle

Now you need to click that circle and select view stream for this circle and share something to this circle stream (wall for fb fans) and all the members of this group will receive an email notification.

It will tell you that there are members who aren’t using Google Plus currently, do you want to send it to them too? Just select you understand and press share again

The invite has been sent to your friend! simple haan? If you feel any difficulty do let me know! Oh and my google+ profile is:

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