How to take a screenshot on windows vista

I’m not on a windows vista based system right now but will try to outline the steps required to take a screenshot on windows vista.

Follow these steps to learn how to take a screnshot on windows vista. (btw, these steps work on almost every version of windows – xp,vista,seven)

How to take a screenshot on windows vista

1. Open the page that you want to take screenshot of

2. find these two buttons on your keyboard: “CTRL” and “Print Screen” (also find the “fn” key if you’re on laptop)

3. while the page is open of which you want to take a screenshot on windows vista, press “ctrl + print screen” simultaneously

4. Open MS-PAINT program

5. press “ctrl + v” (or paste simply) and it will paste the screenshot to the paint window

6. Save the paint file > give this screenshot a name and save it on desktop or where ever you want on windows vista

7. Optional: you can edit the image / change its size or crop it in ms-paint too if you want (ofcourse!)

Btw, there are extensions for browsers (e.g Awesome screenshot for Google chrome browser) which can take the screenshot automatically too.

Let me know if you feel difficulty about how to take a screenshot on windows vista or have any query.

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