Parameter handling in Google Webmaster tools

Google has provided many useful settings to help get their site indexed and ranked better in google webmasters tools.

One of the setting is Parameter handling.

Parameter handling in Google Webmaster tools

Paramter handling in google webmasters tools allows you to manage various parameters your website generates along with urls for various dynamic purposes. These parameters are useful for the normal functioning of the website but might not be useful for front end purposes as such. In fact some of them may result in negative seo impact on your website and therefore should be ignored or removed from being indexed in google search index.

How to access and manage parameters in google webmasters tools

You can access the parameter handling option by going to:

  • login to your google webmaster tools account
  • select the website that you want to manage
  • in the left column, under site configuration submenu, select settings
  • select the parameter handling tab in settings page.

There Google webmaster tools will show you currently found parameters that you have for your website.

parameter handling google webmasters tools

You can select ignore, don’t ignore or let google decide option for current parameters. To change any setting click on edit in front of it and it will let you select the setting for that url variable/parameter.

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