“Save As” button link in Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft updated many things in the year 2007 release of MS Office including many new and advance features as well as many design changes to the interface of ms-office word, powerpoint, excel and access etc.

I have found many people having difficulty in finding the save as button in the new microsoft office 2007 release which is ofcourse very much important and critical in daily use of the office applications. I have got queries related to:

  • How to save as new document in microsoft office 2007?
  • Where is save as button in new microsoft office 2007 design?
  • How to save a document as new document in ms office word 2007?
  • Where do i find save as link for my document in ms office word?
  • etc

Well if your query is some what related to it then you have landed to right place. Just follow the image based tutorial to know how to and where to find the save as link in the microsoft office 2007.

The link to save as new document is not hidden btw, it’s just not very prominent maybe :)

Simply open the ms-word 2007 and on the top left you will see a circle having microsoft logo in it. This is actually link to the old File menu.

Clicking on this circular microsoft logo on the ms office word will open a menu with various options.

Take your mouse over Save As and it will show sub options for it. The best option is the third one saying

Word 97-2003 Document

Why? because this will create a .doc file. If you chose the first option it will create .docx file which can only be opened using microsoft office 2007 and above.

However if your document gets altered when saving as .doc, then definitely the best choice is to save as the first one .docx

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  1. You left a comment for this but I’ve read this post today. A great help, hundreds and million thanks

    1. i am glad to know that it was of some help :) infact i was browsing through your blog and found that query related to ms office save as button, so i decided to make a post about it so that others can find it too and gave you the link :)

      1. That’s nice of you but your visuals help a lot. Our similar names confusing me, thanks to avatar. you seems to be online, let me know how to contact you?

          1. Sorry buddy I just stood up for something to eat and got busy in chatting with friends. I’m fed up with messengers, only become online at gmail account which is *******@gmail.com add me there so we could have a chat

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