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Saw the movie “The Social Network” – realized something

I am not sure if this post is going to be a review for the movie The Social Network or what! Just wanted to write something about it! so here it is!

Honestly speaking, I wanted to watch the movie long ago, but last time I downloaded it it didn’t work! So saw it today!

Talking about movie staff… well the guy acting as Mark was bit weird, specially in the beginning, but if that’s how mark really is, it’s creepy! ewww!

You know once I watched the movie completely, I felt like, man! what am I doing? what have I done to call it my effort? Nothing! nothing at all!

Ya I know! what he did was wrong too .. well to some extent! Like didn’t use his own idea, kicked his co founder out when he had finance available to him directly, was cruel to his gf! etc! but still.. what he did… was remarkable… IS remarkable!

Facebook! rocks the world. Every university, every group, every where! everyone! joins facebook! and yes, people do care about their partners relationship status on facebook! they literally do!

You know what, idea’s like the one that came to his mind, come to many people’s mind, new ideas, fantastic potential, awesome value ideas! but what’s different there? well the difference is the same as it was between mark in the movie and those who’s idea he stole (according to them actually)…. that’s the real difference…. some people just think and plan, and some , on the other hand, start working on it, as soon as they decide to work on it! and don’t stop until they have completed it!

Tell me, what have you done today? What have you done today that is different from all previous days? or previous weeks? what was different today that will lead towards fulfillment of any of your dreams or ideas? and even if you did something like that, how much effort you put in it? less than 100% ? or how much?

Plans, plans, plans, will do this, will do that, this is awesome idea… bla bla bla bla bla…. cut the crap man! pick one thing! get on it! start doing it! simple!

I don’t know why am I writing this post, honestly! I really don’t know! maybe I never made such a post on this blog ever before…

I don’t know if I can be capable of doing anything like him, or Bill gates, or Steve Jobs etc . . . what I know is… that they went through the same time, they were NO ONE too, they had nothing too, they were not known by anyone too . . .and today… I don’t care if there are some people who insult them too, there are people who admire them… and those who insult them, like Bill Gates, while using windows,,,…. or Steve Jobs while using an iPhone… or Mark while having their active profile on Facebook… should realize something, before they say anything about those people, who turned the world around . . .

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