The best contact management software

Our contact lists grow larger and larger every moment and we are not supposed to remember all of them due to intervention of technology. Your contacts might be using multiple e-mail accounts, IM accounts, numerous contact numbers and a lot of online networking handles.

You so need a tool that could combine all of them and provide you the contact details whenever you want and wherever you need them to be presented. This post enlists some of the most popular contact management software that would make your life really easy by managing all your contacts at a single place and will present you with the details whenever you need them. And if you use some less conventional platforms, do not worry as all the popular desktop platforms have been discussed here.

1.    Gmail or Google Contacts:

This contact management is most popular in terms of web accessibility and the fact that it is related to the best web service provider, Google, makes it one of the top rankers when it comes to contact management.

Though this contact management service is not 100 % perfect, but those who complain about it, tend to love it too. Because it is backed up by Google, there are tons of third party apps to make it even more efficient and compatible with the user’s needs. Though, people still expect a standalone contact management tool from Google which could be distinguished from its e-mail service Gmail.

2.    Plaxo (Online Contact Management):

This is yet another web based contact management service which is solely dedicated to contact management with a hint of some social network usable features on its side. As long as you have easy access to internet, it promises you easy access to all your contacts from anywhere and everywhere, and whenever you need them.

The plus point of Plaxo is that it has support for many third party add-ons and other contact management apps such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Address Book from Apple. In fact, this conjunction with the desktop apps makes it the most popular app among people.

3.    Microsoft Outlook:

For everyone who works in a corporate office, Microsoft Outlook is a must have when it comes to their contact management. This is the de facto ruler of the contacts management niche. And to further enhance its functionality there are a lot of third party apps that work side by side with Microsoft Outlook such as Xobni and Plaxo. When it comes to organizing all your contacts on Windows platform, none understands you better than Microsoft Outlook.

4.    Address Book:

If you are a MAC user, address book is the sole contact management application that is worthy for you. The fact that it blends in seamlessly with every other Apple app on your MAC and that it comes free and pre-installed on your MAC makes it the best app for MAC PC.

This app meets the standard innovative trademarks that are expected from Apple and in some respects beat the Microsoft Outlook app too.

5.    Palm PDA:

It was considered that Palm apps were largely out of fashion until you see the palm OS’s contact management app and its desktop counterpart. If you are using the Palm OS and want to sync all your desktop and mobile contacts, this is the only app that would prove of much use to you.

So these were some of the best contact management apps that would help you in syncing all your contacts at one place. So no matter on what platform you are working, you now have the option of accessing the best contact management app and make your already hectic life a little bit relaxing.


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