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Tired of “Can’t buy it” feeling

Maybe another pointless post by me . . .

Have you ever left any thing out there in the store or on ebay just because you “can’t buy it” ??? I had, and seriously, tired of this . . .

People don’t know me out there, maybe you too, and you don’t care to know about me too . . . but for me visitors of this blog are the real people, who matter for me, whose comments matter, who’s response matters to me . . .so just wanted to share a feeling out here.

When we can’t buy something just because we can’t afford it, like when we want to buy every new gadget, new iPhone 4, iPad, macbook air with highest specs, dell’s touch screen notebook, car . . . bmw . . . ferrari . . . lexus . . . and so on . . .

When can’t get parents treated in best hospital because don’t have enough funds, when have to listen to parents and teachers scolding because of financial issues . . . when people ask you which car you have to know your financial status, when your mobile phone symbolizes your status . . . ?

When can’t buy a nice shiny gun I like, a katana sword, armani dress, Gucci shoes . . . just because can’t afford them . . .

How does this post fit in here? well don’t know, it’s a technology blog right? well I thought it was a blog, ran by me . . . filled of posts coming to my mind . . . so here goes another one . . . ya i know, badly affecting something :p

Also, because the blog is meant for earning too . . . no one helps for free, or atleast not always for free . . . so this blog is for money too, to over come that “Can’t buy it” feeling.

This website started as my place to publicize my webdevelopment stuff, which never got so though . . . but still in the end, it’s meant to help me out with it . . .

So what percentage of stuff in your day to day life, you have to skip just because you can’t afford it? about how many things in the shopping mall, you have to tell your kids that “they are bad” or “they are dangerous” just because you can’t afford them? and don’t want your kids to know that parents don’t have enough money ???

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