Use SD card as internal memory using switch partition

Yesterday my cousin showed me his new oppo mobile using color os. The smart phone was great! unexpectedly! but the issue was the same one we have with all android phones, the memory issue. It’s internal memory was around 2gb and the sd card was uselessly lying there as the phone wasn’t using it as internal memory to install new apps and data!

So the hunt to fix this began! In this article we’ll see how to merge the internal and sd card space in coloros (or other androids) by using the switch partition option.

Combine internal and SD card memory on android (color os)

Before proceeding, make sure you back up all your data. This will delete all the apps installed and the hand set would be as new!

You can use any way to back up the data. There are various apps available to back up your data too! try the ones which suit you the best or if your data isn’t important (including any contacts on the phone memory) then you can skip this step!


So how to combine the internal memory and sd card memory to be used as ROM on color os (android based) on oppo mobile and others? here you go:

  1.  back up all your data including apps if you want
  2. make sure that the phone charging is full and it’s connected to charging if possible
  3. goto: settings > general > more > Switch Partition

After this step, the phone will reboot and do settings, let it do whatever it wants.

Now you can restore the back up you did, but before that go and see the available memory and it will be internal + sd card one! voila! Now you can install asphalt 8 easily! :D

Let me know if you have any query or issues during the process!

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