Why do i see numbers and letters in nicks on messenger contacts list with people name / nick? (msn messenger plus issue)

You might have noticed some people nicks in your msn messenger (windows live mail/hotmail messengr) that they have strange codes in them , which naturally make no sense to you. The examples might include:




msn messenger plus for windows

Well you are seeing them because that particular contact is using msn messenger plus, and you are using the normal live messenger.

The users of msn messenger plus can simply design and color their nicks on msn messenger plus to make it more beautiful and attractive, however the people with non-msn messenger plus, that is windows live messenger and others, will see only the codes, instead of the nick styling.

How to solve this issue? well simply ask them not to use the styling / msn messenger plus! or download the msn messenger plus yourself and install it. (and ofcourse then start using it instead of the windows live / hotmail messenger – even if its the latest 2009 version, or msn messenger 8, 7 or 7.5, 6 or what ever.)

You can download the latest msn messenger plus from their official site here: http://www.msgplus.net/download/

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