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We’re happy to announce the release of our next plugin: WP Redirect Permalink.

Plugin details are as follows:

Plugin Name: WP Redirect Permalink

Latest version: 1.0

Download Link: WP Redirect Permalink on Github

Tags: remove postid from end, change permalink, redirect, permalink


WP Redirect Permalink plugin allows you to efficiently redirect your previous urls that were /postname/post_id/ to only /postname/ that WordPress doesn’t do automatically.

== Description ==

WP Redirect Permalink plugin allows you to efficiently redirect your previous urls that were /postname/post_id/ to only /postname/ that WordPress doesn’t do automatically.

If you’ve planned to change your WordPress permalink from /%postname%/%postid%/ to only /%postname%/ , although the old links still work fine, they’re not automatically transferred to the new one without the post id in it. This can cause serious duplicate content issue for your site (can be seen and confirmed by Google webmaster tools).

This plugin removed those duplicated content issues by redirecting the visitor to the new permalink with a 301 (permanently moved) status code.

This plugin takes care of pagination of categories and blog list and allows them to work normally.

If you have any feedback, suggestion, request or bug report please let us know at: http://nabtron.com/wp-redirect-permalink/

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== Installation ==

How to istall ?

1. Download the plugin
2. Upload entire folder “WP-Redirect-Permalink” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
* This is the first version of the WP Redirect Permalink

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4 comments on “WP Redirect Permalink

  1. Hello,

    I use the WP Redirect Permalink Plugin for my site https://notesfromanaspiringhumanitarian.com/

    After installing the plugin I can no longer access my monthly archives. I’ve been blogging since April of 2011 but, for example, if I wanted to access the archives from November 2015, I am redirected to my site’s homepage instead of to the archives I was looking for.

    Try it out yourself with this example link from my site: https://notesfromanaspiringhumanitarian.com/2015/11/

    I am redirected to the homepage when I look for other months and years.

    When I deactivate the plugin, I am able to visit my monthly archives, but my links are no longer redirected. The plugin works great, I just wanted to report this bug as a side effect.

    Any assistance you could provide would be wonderful. Thank you for creating this plugin, because it really helps to make sure I don’t lose traffic from over 5 years of backlinks from other sites, or from links to posts with the old permalink structure that have been shared by social media.

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