How to speedup Google +1 button loading

Webmasters and website / blog owners might have noticed issue with loading speed of the google plus one button javascript.

Google, by default generates the code which is very slow to load ( almost 1 second to load the +1 button only) which is not good for websites. No, its not the only reason why I removed it from the website, if you wanna know you can see why I removed google plus one from my website.

Anyway, back to the topic, how to reduce load speed of google plus one button javascript.

The solution is very simple, simply look carefully at that code which you need to place on your page and look for the parts which say https:// We need to simply remove “s” from https, making it http:// and now the code with load faster (almost 0.1 second)

Try it out guys and let me know if you feel the improvement!

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