Why i removed Google +1 from my website

You might have noticed we don’t have google plus one button on this website.

Well there are couple of reasons why I removed google +1 from my blog, some of them are listed as follows:

  • its slow, extremely slow. (Although we can speed up google +1 button – but still, its not upto the mark)
  • it can be faked and spoofed – easily (very) so I don’t wanna get in race of something which is all fake
  • google’s most new implementations have flaws, so much so that they stop continuing them, themselves
  • non standard button – facebook, twitter, linkedin (even digg) etc have a standard sized buttons for bloggers and websites, but google plus one, doesn’t match any of them in size and dimensions. So it destroys the layout alot
  • its new – and most google products fail (almost 90% of them) – so lets see if it isn’t one of them, then we might consider using it

Well this was a list of few reasons why I don’t bother adding google plus one button on this website!

Are you using google +1 on your website or not? reasons?

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