Receiving Donations via PayPal? Hold on!

Recently I made a post on the blog for people to donate for Flood affected people in Pakistan. I added option to pay via PayPal too without knowing that it may lead me into trouble!

I just received 2 donations (1 100$ and 1 20$ and bang! my account got limited by Paypal. Although i added other options like pay through credit card via 2checkout (which got banned by them too) and western union, wire transfer and moneybookers, I am confused and amazed to see how they all try to stop us from receiving donations!

I was amazed not only for the fact that why they limited my PayPal account, but also that then how does millions of blogs which receive donations for their posts are receiving them? I am not sure if they get their accounts limited too or they have submitted some proof to paypal or somethings?

Anyhow, when i logged into my PayPal account this morning, I saw this message from Paypal:

PayPal requires accounts within the charity / non-profit category to provide us with some additional information regarding their organization. Your account was identified as falling within this classification upon a recent review. If we do not receive a response, we may have to place limitations on the ability to access your account.

Upon going to resolution center, I was asked for three responses which were:

  1. Bank account statement (To confirm you’re the bank account owner, please send us a copy of your latest bank statement that shows your name, address and complete bank account number.)
  2. Proof of tax exempt (Please send us a copy of a document confirming your status as a non-profit organisation. Examples include proof of registration with the Charity Commission.)
  3. Organization and Payment information (Please provide us with information about your business.)

So all you guys out there who are receiving donations through their blogs or websites, make sure you have these responses ready with you before you add the donate button to your blog (because PayPal don’t like to tell you about this when you are creating the donate button)

3 comments on “Receiving Donations via PayPal? Hold on!

  1. Hey!

    I just got hit by this aswell recently and I was wondering if you’ve found any other way to receive donations? I am not really familiar with systems other than paypal so I am pretty shocked at this.


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