Flood in Pakistan – Help the victims! Please Donate

There has been massive flood in Pakistan which has affected millions of people already and is continuing towards the lower areas of Pakistan, ready to cause more damage. Hundreds of villages and towns has been wiped off by the massive flood. I’ve never tried to use this blog for anything other than technology and programming related posts but this severe disaster forced me to do so!

I want to appeal all the visitors who have gained any benefit from this blog in any way to say thanks by helping those people. Also those, who maybe never gained anything from this blog, I will request them to be part of it too. (PayPal, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Western Union accepted) The money you will donate will be used in the food and shelter providing process to the people affected by the flood mainly.

The places affected by the flood quite established ones, also because of being next to rivers, and people there has lost almost everything they had. Rich and poor are all the same there now. Thanks to God that we are still standing in the line of those who give, not those who are waiting for some one to give food to them and to help them.

How can you help the victims of flood in Pakistan?

Mainly 2 ways.

  • Donations
  • Helping the victims personally (suits people of Pakistan mainly)

How will your donations be used?

There are many organizations already working and collecting donations not only in Pakistan but in other countries too to help the victims of flood. You can either give your donations to them and that is enough. Or if you want to go through us, then your donations will be forwarded to Pakistan Army, who is already actively helping the flood victims and have not only relieved the victims and saved victims from those areas, but also managing their food and shelter requirements.Currently Pakistan Army is the only department I can trust, but you can forward it to any other organization too through me, just mention it.

The donations will be forwarded without any deduction (except for payment processor’s fees)

Why to Pakistan Army

Leaving behind the issues b/w countries and wars etc, Pakistan Army has always helped people of Pakistan themselves upto their maximum efforts. This time too, despite the fact that we are in critical situation on our borders, Army is still busy in helping people in flood, when the President of Pakistan is busy in foreign trips and having fun.

For those who want to give donations:

For people of Pakistan:

You can simply forward your donations to Pakistan Army (or any other organization that you prefer) directly via following bank account details or else contact me if you need support with it.

Army Relief Fund for IDP’s

Account No: 0028-01-012-1825-8

Askari Bank Limited, GHQ Branch

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

For people outside Pakistan:

You can donate for the flood victims through:

  • PayPal (through PayPal directly) [contact me for details]
  • 2CheckOut (paypal, credit card)
  • Moneybookers (contact me for details)
  • Western Union (contact me for details)
  • Bank deposit (contact me for details)

Even a penny matters. It’s not that were you able to solve the situation, the question is, did you play your part?

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