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Run Teamviewer with localhost webserver (xampp, wamp etc)

For teamviewer 5.1 and later follow this tutorial: http://nabtron.com/port-80-issue-this-site-is-running-teamviewer-when-running-localserver/

If you try to run the server on your system with teamviewer, you might face problem. The issue is that teamviewer also listens to port 80 which conflicts with the webserver such as xampp, wamp etc, as it also listens to port 80 by default.

Now the solution to this issue is to either change the port selection for the webserver or alternatively change the port definied in teamviewer. Here we will discuss how to change the port to be listened by teamviewer from http / 80 to some thing else.

The steps to make teamviewer working with any other software that listens to port 80 too is to edit the registry of your windows, to change the values in it , making teamviewer NOT listening and engaging / using the http / 80 port. To get this done, follow this:

1. opening the alternate port

if you are using a firewall, make sure that port 5938 (TCP) is open on your firewall.

2. editing the registry

you need to check the registry.

Goto start -> run -> regedit

Goto location:


select the Key ’GatewayAllowed’ and set its registry value to 0

Now goto the registry location:


and there select the Key ’ListenHttp’ and change its value to 0 too.

Close teamviewer and server and / or restart your computer. Check if its working fine now.

26 Responses to Run Teamviewer with localhost webserver (xampp, wamp etc)

  1. david

    when i change the registry keys to 0 and restart teamviewer the keys are 0 again

  2. Nabeel

    sorry i don’t understand what you want to say exactly?

    • Richard

      He means that the values return back to 1 when the Teamviewer service is restarted. It happens here to.

      • Nabeel

        you need to exit teamviewer before making changes to registry key

        • Richard

          I did stop the Teamviewer service and program but still it puts 1 back in the registry when I start Teamviewer again.

          • Nabeel

            I am not sure about this issue, will test it out on my windows and let you know in couple of days.

  3. Joshua

    Thanks Nabeel, that was extremely helpful. Your instructions were so easy to follow, especially for someone who starts sweating whenever the words “edit your registry” come up.

    • Nabeel

      My pleasure sir! :)

  4. John

    Thanks a lot you’ve help me a lot on this one that was really easy to understand

    • Nabeel

      You’re welcome John! i am glad that it was helpful!

  5. Ruhat

    This doesnt work im using windows 7 and i cant access [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer\Version4]!!

    • Nabeel

      dude! coz it’s version5 now! use:


      • Ruhat

        I know dude i tried with Version5 too but dont worry now my port 80 (HTTP) is working, ty anyway!

        • Nabeel

          hmmm.. then how did u make it working??

  6. Lyn

    Nabeel, editing regedit worked well, i am very happy with your tips!

    • Nabeel

      Glad to know that it worked for you Lyn!

  7. MrLeche

    Hi, Tested your fix a lot of times but everytime the computer restarts, which turns off after work hours and turns back on next day, the teamviewer restarts listening to port 80 and webserver stops from running. Any updated fix for TV5? thank you!

    • Nabeel

      check the link in article for teamviewer 5

  8. Ash Wood

    I have a problem i have tried doing this on windows 7, i have let the port through like you say, but i cant find that piece of line in the registry now i’ve searched the registry and it said finished searching but nothing came up please can you help on this?

  9. Ash Wood

    ok sorry i didnt read properly, i have searched in the folders that u put instead of searching for the folder duh :S, sorry.. anyways, the keys GatewayAllowed and ListenHTTP are not their i am using version 5.1 but should it make any difference?

  10. Young W. Park

    Thanks for your solution.
    I solved my problem.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Park!

  11. Tariq Qureshi

    How do I open port 5938?

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