Having buy sell ads and adsense together on one blog

So your blog got approved by buysellads ? Congratulations! Now the first question that comes to many adsense using webmasters is that is buysellads allowed along with adsense. No one likes their adsense banned! Well the short answer to this is that yes, having buy sell ads and adsense together on one blog is allowed, […]

5 Thing I learnt from this Google mass disabling of account

Google recently mass disabled accounts (mostly from Pakistan and then south asia) on its 13th birthday on 14th october 2011 without any warning or even mentioning the website names which lead to account being disabled. This was really shocking for many people who’ve been earning hundreds of dollars from google adsense for many many years! […]

Adsense alternative – yet another list

Ok so what are the alternates available to Google Adsense? This post is going to list them out, not in priority order for now, just to list the ones that are available out there. Please add more adsense alternatives through comments if I’m missing any (with a short review of them too and if you […]

Google banned 90% of Pakistani adsense accounts without warning

Please note, this is not “confirmed” from any official source, but out of a rough survey. Google adsense has disabled 90% of Pakistan based google adsense account in last 24-48 hours. In the email, it says that you were sent email from the team or warning etc, but NONE of the members who got their […]

Google “Mass” disabled Adsense accounts today

Today not only my adsense account was disabled but of many others too. Most of these people run good quality (atleast not bad quality) and unique content blog. But till now I’m able to get hold of only bloggers from Pakistan. So i’m not very much sure if google adsense blocked / disabled accounts of […]

And Yes! my Adsense blocked too!!! :)

Just received an email from Google Adsense team that my adsense account running on this website has been blocked by them! how romantic! :P Update: Uniting those who got disabled: (Pakistani specially): http://pakbloggers.com/adsense-mass-disabling-pakistani-accounts-lets-unite/ I’m not sure what could be the reason, most of the content I provide is unique, unique to the extent that only […]

Google Adsense showing websites ad on itself!

Geo.tv is a news channels website. It’s a Pakistani news channel and have placed google ads on their website too. Today when i was on the website to get a glimpse at the current news, on the right sidebar, Google Ads was showing the ad for Geo.tv itself! Take a look at the snapshot below: […]

Regular posts affect on Google Adsense

Posting regular updates and new articles on your blog is not only good for getting traffic and keeping regular visitors interest, but it has an affect on adsense earnings too. This post is not going to show some benchmark tests though but over last many months (over an year) I’ve been experiencing few things. Mostly […]

Adsense new interface Upgraded

While logging into new Google Adsense interface, received this message on the screen: Updates to the new AdSense interface Thanks for using the new AdSense interface, which offers powerful reporting capabilities and ad controls while helping you manage your account more efficiently. We want to let you know that we’ve now added many of your […]

Google adsense not showing any ads on infolinks earning related post

I just made a post regarding earning reports from infolinks and google adsense didn’t load any ad in any ad slot on it. All other pages are showing the adsense ads normally! This thing has almost never happened to me before on any of the posts that adsense didn’t show any ad on any of […]