Numpad on Laptop – Stupid trend

I totally understand that there are occassions where one may require a numpad on their laptop for a number of tasks, including accounting or while writing french, but not all of us are accountants, neither we’re all french! My macbook is old now and I want to upgrade, however I wanted to go for a […]

Understanding Server Load

Server load is one of the major delay in webpage loading. However there are misconceptions about the reading of server load among general people including many programmers too. What is server cpu load? Server CPU load is something like this (from our WP SERVER plugin): Server Load Averages¬†: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00 . Running for last […]

APC vs Memcached, which one is best

The debate about the best never ends. Today one might be the best, tomorrow some other one! Same goes with caching plugins too. Today a member asked in our group that which one of the caching plugin is best, APC or Memcached. Before going into detail let me clarify that memcache is different from memcached […]

Rubber keyboard

Bored of the traditional plastic keyboard, some people like trying the rubber keyboard asuuming them to be more comfortable to type, which in most cases is a wrong assumption. Pros and Cons of Rubber keyboards Although there are some benefits of these rubber keyboards such as being water proof, not easy to be broken and […]

Internet not working after linksys wireless router connected to different modem

When you try connecting the linksys wireless router (wrt54g with ptcl broadband in my case) it doesn’t get configured automatically and the internet don’t work. To fix the issue of internet not working on linksys wireless router or any other router after connecting it to a different adsl model you simply need to release and […]

How to Restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings

Sometimes you need to factory restore your laptop (Toshiba specifically for this tutorial). You may need to factore reset your toshiba laptop after some virus attack or corrupt files which may just be disturbing or in some cases your laptop’s windows may fail to startup even. Note: All data will be erased on your hard […]

How to Factory restore Acer Laptop (Windows xp, vista, seven)

Having trouble with your system settings? or got files and settings altered or corrupt? you can restore your laptop to factory settings very easily. Follow this article if you want to factory restore your laptop (acer in my case on windows vista) Turn on your computer and as soon as it turns on press ALT […]

Monitor screen blank – computer working normal

Yesterday when i tried turning on my desktop computer it refused to let me see it’s output and there was a blank monitor screen! :s I tried restarting the computer and moving the connection wires etc but nothing helped. However, the computer was working fine, and all lights on keyboard were fine too. But none […]

Can’t access router admin configuration page (

I have received comments from many visitors on linksys wrt54gr router configuration post that they are unable to open the router admin configuration page after resetting or otherwise too in some cases. This post explains the possible issues and list outs ways to solve them. Please note, I’m writing this post keeping in mind the […]

Wireless vs wired keyboard

Deciding whether to go for a wireless keyboard or a wired one maybe easy for some people, but most need to have a look at pros and cons of both before deciding. Wireless keyboards are being developed by alot of companies these days, with Apple being my personal favorite ofcourse! But let’s compare a few […]