Tick, Tock, Tablet Time – Ubuntu + HTC launching a combined product

Ubuntu showed a count down on their official website which ends at 1800 GMT tomorrow. The screenshot of the countdown is as follows: Note that the countdown is at the main slideshow portion of the ubuntu.com website where they announced some android phone coming up in last days. On the other hand, htc has the […]

How to open System Settings in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu has added a cool system settings pane in the 11.10 release in which you can access all the settings for your applications. To open system settings in ubuntu 11.10 simply goto top right of your screen, click the power button and select “System settings…” from the options list. The awesome system settings pane will […]

Ubuntu 11.10 is the new Mac OS X ?

Now this is not a critic point of view type post. I really like ubuntu project and really enjoying ubuntu 11.10 Ubuntu 11.04 and before were more like a different taste of microsoft windows based operating systems. However this new relase has adopted more of the features of mac osx. E.g, how all applications settings […]

Ubuntu Users & Groups error

Today I ran ubuntu on my computer after a long time but it didn’t went smooth. Could be due to many reasons, e.g I was using my hard disk on new system, so probably the drivers were not done or something. Anyway, while encountering with the errors, I decided to create a new user and […]

Screen shot in Ubuntu (10.10) – easiest ways

Ability to take the screen shot is very vital for a wide range of people who use computer for various purposes. Like every operating system, Ubuntu supports screenshot too! and in a very brilliant way! So here we will discuss few of the ways by which the screens can be captured in ubuntu (10.10 in […]

Ubuntu error / bug – Login screen

I am not sure if this is to be called an error or bug or else it’s intentionally this way! When we are at the login screen in ubuntu 10.10 it prompts for username and password. Now in the default fresh install of ubuntu 10.10, we enter wrong password on the login screen, it does […]

How to update ubuntu and packages

This tutorial explains how to update your Ubuntu (10.10) To update your ubuntu linux and it’s packages to the latest upgraded versions follow these steps: 1. Turn on the computer in ubuntu and login to your account with administrator privileges 2. Goto: (top menu) > System > Administration > Update Manager 3. It may show […]

How to change Screen resolution in ubuntu

Unlike windows, you can’t simply right click on the desktop screen and click change resolution to change the screen resolution in ubuntu (10.10 in my case) To change the screen resolution of ubuntu follow these steps: 1. Turn on ubuntu and let it load normally + login 2. Goto: <top menu> > System > Preferences […]

Unable to get exclusive lock – Ubuntu

While trying to install the flash for firefox in ubuntu I received an error. The error arose when just a couple of minutes after fresh installation of ubuntu 10.10 I tried to install adobe flash for firefox to make flash based applications and websites to work on my system, I received an error saying: Unable […]

Lovely Ubuntu! – Oh I missed you!!!

Life has been moving very fast. Everyone has been in hassle and stuck in their routines and I am no exception! Last time I used this fabulous operating system, Ubuntu, was somewhere in 2009! It was awesome at that time too, but truly speaking, there were alot of improvements needed at that time to make […]