Question Answer Section added to Nabtron

Today we finally launched the Questions / Answers section for Features of the Question Answer Section include but are not limited to: users can register they can ask questions and assign them a category users can answer other users questions users can vote a question or an answer original question asker can select a […]

Scriptlance – new layout!

Scriptlance has upgraded to new design (today probably)! The new one seems less crappy as the previous one though! Let’s hope their system is improved too! and the support and moderators team too! Update Scripelance later merged into Although crappy at that time too, it was far better than the current, which is […]

Free Domain Winner selected

We announced last month that we will be giving out 3 free domains upon completion of 2 years of Nabtron. The domains were meant to be given to 3 individuals on 3 things: 1. all for free, just post a comment and you get randomly selected 2. referring someone to the site 3. writing a […]

Nabtron.CO registered and proudly owned

Today we added Nabtron.CO to the domains we own list. is going to be used as the official central place for our online presence with focusing more on the blog aspect while focusing more on the development aspect. The site, is currently under construction and we are trying to launch it […]

Free Domains (three) give away – on completion of 2 years

Ended, See the winner┬áhere! Yeah that’s right! Nabtron is now 2 years old 2 years experienced and mature (on 25th Feburary 2011) . Now you can get a DOMAIN name for free from Nabtron on completion of 2 years of the online journey! So what do you need to do to get the domain of […]

Guest Posts on Nabtron

Did you hear Nabtron is accepting guest posts? Well now you know! You can post any topic within the site’s categories (or suggest any related ones too) Usual guest post ethics and rules apply! nothing harder! Make an account by registering here once registered, you can login here to post your topic. Guidelines to keep […]

Apple Verizon iPhone 4 web orders shipping begins one week early

Apple has started shipping a week earlier the orders for the new Verizon iPhone 4 (online orders) than what it was estimated earlier. The initial orders which were placed on 9th February 2011 were marked for delivery on or before February 18 but now the shipping notices have changed the date specifying the delivery date […]

Throw a shoe at Zardari Game – Joota Khappy

People hating their country’s President is nothing new. Going around like this in almost every country. Same is the condition with the people of Pakistan and their hatred towards their President Asif Ali Zardari Bhutto. This weekend a Guy in Birmingham, UK threw a shoe on the President Zardari Bhutto showing his and all nations […]

Nabtron server was Hacked! we’re back up!

Sorry for the recent couple of hour’s down time on nabtron. One of the guy was exploiting our joomla based website on this server to hack people’s online bank account by phishing. We removed his files previously but he did it again. So this time we added a message regarding his acts that he is […]

Top Commentator Section for Nabtron

We have introduced a Top Commentator List to the side bar which lists the top commentators at Nabtron. What’s the use of this section? here you go: 1. The top commentator list is automatic, so whoever makes more comments, he gets listen in it. 2. The top commentator list is Do-Follow! it’s a valid back […]